“Heidi, you showed me the light at the end of the tunnel and helped me see the light was me.”
– R.S. Private coaching client


“I can finally make sense of my childhood. I can accept it now. Because of you, I have transformed my pain into gratitude.”
– Forgiveness workshop participant


I have seen Heidi change the lives of many people. I am a better therapist because of her teaching.
– Meagan Gaine LMHC, Therapist


What I witnessed was transformation. Heidi brings hope and light to where there had been despair and darkness”
– Kevin B. Schmidt LCSW CEO
Light of the World Counseling

Hi! I’m Heidi!  I’m a master certified life coach who specializes in dysfunctional relationships, recovery, addiction, codependence and self love. 

I work with you to fix unhealthy relationships, stop self-sabotage and heal dysfunctional behavior. So that you can be who you were born to be and have the life you truly deserve!

Most of my clients are experts at loving others.

They put others before themselves. They’re last on the list. The Shereos, the overachievers, the people pleasers, the helpers, the rescuers, the suck it up buttercups.  But all that takes a toll. And by the time my clients come to me, they feel like imploding, exploding, running, numbing, or giving up and they know something’s got to give. 

I’m so glad you’re here. Please sign up for my weekly videos and let me know exactly how I can help you by reaching out below. 

Heidi McGuirk

Relationship Expert

Addiction Professional

LYF Coach


Everyone’s in recovery from something. Bad relationships, unfulfilling lives, terrible childhoods, dysfunctional friendships, problems around food, alcohol or drugs… and on your journey to wellness, the most important thing you can master is how to Love Yourself First. Will you let me show you how? Because when you do that… all of the problems take care of themselves.

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Heidi Rain McGuirk

Heidi is a Master Practitioner of NLP, Addiction Professional and Master Certified Life and Relationship Coach. She specializes in self-love, dysfunctional relationships, and dealing with addiction in the Family. She teaches empowerment, self-esteem, addiction and recovery issues, family dynamics, and healthy relationships. She is also co-creator and co-facilitator of The Family Program, the Love Yourself First Program and the FLOW Community.  As an adult child of an alcoholic and former eating disordered binge drinker, she lends a personal understanding which helps her to truly connect to those she helps. Her unique style of using humor and candor encourages and inspires people to heal.

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