Feeling Guilty For Taking Care Of Yourself

Most of you know that in addition to “normie” coaching that I also happen to work with people suffering from addiction.

Every Month at the Family Program, where my Husband and I teach families how to deal and heal from this disease, the message is clear: “You are free to live and enjoy your life!”

And although that sounds very appealing, there are always a handful of people who feel guilty for being happy when they know their loved one is suffering. In fact one woman in the family program articulated it best when she said, “You’re only as happy as your sickest child.”

Truly that statement is one of the sickest and most codependent things I’ve heard.

The truth is, your pleasure is the fuel you need to go into your life and make things happen. Pleasure helps you to show up the way you want in your relationships and in your work.

When you are pleasure deficient because you are withholding from yourself it has the reverse effect and you show up bitter, angry and resentful.

So really, taking care of yourself is selfless because it helps you take care of others better.

Watch the video to learn more.