What Donald Trump Can Teach You About Dating

Are you a follower of dating rules?  You know, the ones dating coaches teach about how to “catch and keep a Man.”  When I was in my twenty somethings, looking at life through the eyes of a young and dumb girl who wanted nothing more than to get her then non-committal ass hole boyfriend to commit, I consulted these dating gurus. If I followed these general guidelines, I was promised my Happily Ever After.

Have you ever heard the phrase, begin with the end in mind? If I followed these stupid rules with my now Husband, I’d already be divorced.

Stupid Rule: Don’t tell him too much. Don’t open up too much. Don’t talk too much. Don’t revel too much. Be mysterious.

This rings from an era of women should shut up and look pretty.

Or as if you were a child…and you should be seen, not heard.

Or a manual for developing co dependence:  speak your mind, until it becomes unattractive to someone else.

But let’s say you decide to follow these rules anyway. And you actually get the guy. Now what?

Now you have set up a dynamic in your relationship where if you do start to get real, you hear, “You’ve changed.”

You haven’t changed. You’re just finally feeling like its ok to be yourself.

The rub is, that Man wasn’t attracted to an open book who freely speaks her mind. He was attracted to a woman who only shares what she thinks is attractive to him.

So now you are in a relationship where you feel stifled.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to go on speaking your mind?  And that way, you are sure to attract someone who already finds that irresistible?

Look at Donald Trump. Love him or hate him, he has something to teach you about dating.

He is essentially courting America. He is dating you.

Is he worried about speaking his mind or being himself?



Because Donald Trump wants to attract his tribe. He wants to find others who feel the way he feels and sees the world the way he sees it. He’s not interested in pleasing as many people as possible by dumbing himself down to increase his dating pool. He’s interested in finding the ONE who will feel compelled enough to vote for him.

And so are you.

Consider yourself lucky that you turn people off. You are one step closer to finding your tribe. The ONE who casts their vote for you.

Go one, speak your Truth. Even if it’s unattractive. Over share the Hell out of life.
Watch the video…

Love and Laughs,

How To Be More Feminine…Or Something Like That

  You really can’t turn YouTube corner without coming across some dating coach telling you how to be more Feminine. I should know. I used to be one of them- spouting off about masculine and feminine energy.

Do you know that feminine energy is one of the MOST misunderstood concepts in my industry?

I was reading some advice for fun while researching for this video. And I actually came across this ridiculous advice, essentially encouraging women to DUMB IT DOWN.

Be leery of anyone who tells you that you need to SHINE LESS.


You know what dim lights attract, right?


So, I decided to put this crappy advice to the test with my Husband.

Watch below….

Love and Laughs!