Do you keep getting hurt in your relationship?

You know how it goes. You get hurt, you heal, and then you’re ready to get on the horse again. Except this new horse seems a lot like the old horse and you find yourself losing your farm all over again.

As you know, my mission is to help millions of people learn how to love and be loved. I want everyone to have the love they deserve.
It’s a big mission! and I’ve had some obstacles on that mission. One really BIG one has been the fact that I had an aversion to all things techie.
But my desire to fulfill my mission has set me on a path to learn what I need to know so I can reach more people.

As a result of learning a little more, I figured out how to do a google hang out and post it right here LIVE on my site.

I am so excited! I can’t tell you how proud I was of myself that I actually pulled it off.

I call it Love Class and it’s a live Saturday class where I teach on all things love and relationships.
I want to know what you want to learn. So, please leave a comment for me.
What do you want to see on an upcoming live class?

Below is last week’s class on beliefs. It answers the question “How do I stop getting hurt in my relationships.”
Please watch if  it sounds like you could benefit or share it with someone you know who keeps having the same problems in their relationship over and over.

I love you so much and I hope to see you next Saturday!

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Hello Ride or Die: Are you TOO LOYAL?

Is there such a thing as being too loyal?
If you’re reading this blog or watching the video I’m gonna say YES! Because I know one thing for sure. You aren’t happy. Maybe the relationship you’re in is stealing your joy, robbing you of what you believe you truly deserve deep down, and you’re over it. Except one pesky detail. You’re too loyal.
How did you get that way? The same way the rest of do. One of two ways.
1. You grew up in a house where your parents were jerks, but you had to love them anyway. You got rewarded for sticking it out even though mom was driving drunk or dad was cheating with your mom’s best friend. You kept secrets and you saw right past the bad behavior, because that was supposed to be love.
BUT, just because you can love someone even though they are hurting you doesn’t mean you should.

2. You have low self-esteem like I did. I stayed in a relationship for 10 years with a man who said he loved me but slept with other women. In fact, the only time he wanted me was when I was breaking up with him. And I stayed because it was a place I could continually try and prove my value. “Over here, over here, pick me, pick me!” like a 7th grade game of dodge ball when it’s down to me and Smelly Shelly to get picked for teams.

I was hoping that my loyalty would get me chosen. He would see how amazing I was and say, “Wow! Look how loyal this chick is! I pick her.”

Trust me when I tell you that the only “reward” you get for loyalty is the boobie prize.  Congratulations. You put up with bullshit longer than anyone else would. Waaa Waaa Waaa goes the boobie prize trombone.

How long have you been in the crappy relationship? What are you waiting for?
Ride or die only sounds cool in rap songs. In reality, it’s dumb as hell. Go on. Get out of the car.
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Love you,