Being open, trusting, and the V-word….

#3 of 7 Stupid behaviors keeping you single or struggling in your relationships.

Many of the women I get the pleasure of helping have TRUST ISSUES. It’s a thing. And it’s a thing that goes deep. How do you learn to trust? How do you open up? 

Rumi said…”Your task is not to seek love, you task is to remove the barriers you have built against it.”

Holding Resentments

#2 of 7 Stupid behaviors keeping you single or struggling in your relationships.

Just when you think you’re over your past…BOOM. You get triggered. In this video, I talk about what happens when you haven’t dealt with things that can still haunt you.

Not Living In The Present Moment…

#1 of 7 Stupid Behaviors Keeping You Single Or Struggling In Your Relationships

In my humble opinion, I think the biggest problem on the planet on our inability to just BE.

I know that was my problem for most of my life. That’s why I was always striving for something better…wishing for the future, suffering from anxiety (living in the past) or feeling sad (tossing around regret.)

In this video, I explain how living in the past or the future effects our ability to have a successful relationship…Watch now….