Ain’t Nobody Got Time for BS

Ain’t nobody got time for BS.
Especially you!!!
You’ve got big things to do in the world and happiness to hack.
So, let me help you today. We’re going to talk about how to banish any BS for good. (work, family, frienemy, marriage, etc.) Say hello when you’re here. Post your questions ’cause I’ll get to them at the end. And check out my exclusive online women’s group here…


Calling All Lovers Who Don’t Love Their Love Life

Calling All Lovers Who Don’t Love Their Love Life.

Calling ALL Lovers who don’t love their love life…..
Fair warning…I’m gonna probably swear and get a little cheeky. So, if you get uptight about that sort of thing…don’t watch, Please.
But for the rest of us ornery peeps…I’m going to expose the bull that keeps you single, stuck, struggling, and sad.
It’s time to learn the truth about love!
And the Truth shall set you absolutely FREE.

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Do You Keep Getting Duped, Ditched or Dicked?

Trust issues? This one’s for you. Do you keep getting one of the 3 Ds? Duped, Ditched or Dicked? Do you find yourself keeping people at an arm’s length? You want to let people in, but you’re afraid the minute you get vulnerable someone will use it against you? Do you withhold in your relationships? What’s it costing you? And how do you learn to trust once and for all? As always, deeper dive at