3. Envision a better future.

You can get to the point that you experience the deep pain, get the leverage you need, break up.

Why do you change your mind?

The truth is, pain wears off and that’s why we end up going back.

We forget how bad it was and we start to rationalize, minimize, and conceptualize how we can go back to what once was and make it better.

Pain will push you to break up. Pain is a great motivator. But pain alone will not be the answer.

People are motivated by two desires.

1. The desire to avoid pain

2. The desire to gain pleasure.

Pain will push you, but pleasure will pull you.

I know it’s hard to hold a vision for a better relationship. Especially if you think you’re older now, it’s too late for you, or you don’t want to start over.

But being willing to envision a happier, healthier, more fulfilled version of yourself is the key to having faith in the wilderness.

Faith is vision.

What vision will you commit to?

Watch the video to get more inspiration.


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