It’s a noble pursuit! Wanting to change the world, reach millions of people, and help as many as you can by achieving your goals.

But what’s the price you pay?

If you’re like me, it was relationships.

In today’s #rulerebellion, we’re talking about the rule, “I can’t have fun when there’s still work to be done.”

It also shows up as, “I’ll enjoy my life once I get there”

And “I’ll worry about my relationships after I arrive.”

It looks like having it all and feeling totally empty inside.

The truth is, you can have everything else, but if you have a relationship that’s causing you anxiety, sadness, confusion, rage or resentment, you’ll wonder “what’s the point?’

I’m Heidi and I help high achievers, like you, resolve your relationship issues. And in today’s video, were talking about how to rebel against this unconscious rule that you have to choose.

Enjoy the video and please leave a comment.

Until next time,

Know Your Self

So you can Be Your Self

So you can Love Your Self.


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