When you’re expected to be perfect, it’s easy to feel like a failure right now.

There’s no manual.

Judgement settles in. “Am I doing this right?” Surely not you decide as you start comparing yourself to everyone else.

Perfectionism and all or nothing thinking prevents you from having a healthy relationship with anything…. especially yourself.

When you have an unhealthy relationship with yourself, you treat yourself like crap.

You feed yourself things that make you feel bad then beat yourself up about it.

You fill your mind with things that cause you anxiety and stress.

You continue to tolerate bad behavior from others around you and you neglect your needs and desires.

You deny your own feelings and in worst cases, drown them with alcohol to shut them up, stuff them down with food, buy them time with shopping, or any other number of maladaptive behaviors.

You’ll repress your righteous anger, blaming yourself, turn it inward where it morphs and become serious depression.


You use this time to repair your relationship with yourself and you commit to loving yourself better.

I can relate. And I have some keys I want to share with you. So, Watch the video now. I’ll share the wisdom that’s changed my life and the lives of the hundreds of people I’ve helped over the years.  

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