Just as your about to do that next big thing….

  • Go for something new
  • End something that’s not working anymore
  • Take a chance
  • Take a stand for something you believe in or
  • Put yourself out there

The voice comes in, punches you in the gut, takes the wind out of your sails and asks, “Who the Hell do you think you are?”

What’s up with that voice and how do you shut it up?

How do you have relationships that don’t cause you anxiety, resentment, confusion or pain?

I’m Heidi, creator of Love Yourself First Empowerment School and the LYFE Movement, and I’ve dedicated my life to shutting that voice up so I could go on to having the life I knew deep down I deserved.

Now, It’s my purpose in life to help you root down your value, find your authentic power, and have the love and happiness you deserve.

There are 3 steps to transforming your relationships. If you want all 3, sign up for my upcoming free masterclass. You can find it at www.LoveCoachHeidi.com

The very first step is KNOWING YOURESELF.

Socrates said, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”.

Lao Tzu said, “Knowing others is intelligence, knowing yourself is true wisdom.”

Over the past 20 years in going this work in recovery( from all things), self-love and relationships, I’ve come to believe that we are NOT who we truly are. We are who we’ve needed to be.

I’ve come up with 8 different personality patters we take on in order to thrive, survive, connect or cope in our family of origin. I call them APPS (Attachment personality patterns)

In this week’s teaching Tuesday, I go over the first 2.

Can you find yourself yet?

What do you notice?

How do you believe this pattern affects your life?

What do you see in yourself?

Leave your answers here, on the blog or in my private FB group called FLOW TRIBE.

Until next time,

Love Yourself,


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