I’ve spent my life perusing my freedom.

First, I broke free from an abusive and dysfunctional childhood where I was left with feelings of worthlessness and pain

Second, I broke free from the self inflicted self-destructive behavior of self medicating my pain away through binging on alcohol and food.

Then I broke free from the limiting beliefs that I needed others approval, love, and acceptance to be ME.

Since then, I’ve perused a life of happiness on my own terms.

And I’ve helped thousands of others find their own personal freedom.

But do you want to know the shocking truth?

Most people will never get free because they don’t know they’re in an abusive or dysfunctional relationship.

So, I decided to make a quick video explaining the cycle of abuse.

Please leave a comment if you can relate.

And as always, check out the services we offer to help you over at www.LoveCoachHeidi.com


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