The truth is, most people stay in an unhealthy, dysfunctional, or toxic relationship becasue they don’t know they’re in one.

But likely, if you’re here, you do! So, what’s next?

How do you detach from an unhealthy person?

This conversation is geared towards those who have complex attachments. 

If you are a mother with an addicted child or an adult child with a narcissitic paretn, this video will particularly help you.

However, if you’re in a situation that doesn’t incolve a family memeber, this video will also help you.

Mostly, detachment is hard becasue we make some common mistakes.

1. We don’t see the person clearly.

2.We don’t observe their behavior without internalizing it

3. We don’t know why we stay.


In the video, I cover all three of these mistakes.

As always, if you’re ready to get some more suport, feel free to reach out.

Love Yourself,


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