Here’s the truth. You can have everything else. But if you have a relationship that’s causing you anxiety, resentment, confusion or pain, then you’ll ask yourself, “What’s the point?”

I ‘m here to help you get the clarity you need to take your power back and have the relationships you deserve.

I do that by helping you root down in your value, find and speak your truth and never settle again.

Do you know the #1 reason most people stay in an unhealthy, dysfunctional or toxic relationship?

They don’t know they’re in one. They simply think of it as “complicated”.

The problem with that is you can’t fix what you don’t see.

Below are 8 types of toxic people. Take a look to see if you have a relationship with someone who fits one of these patterns.

Or just skip to the video below!

  1. The covert hater. This is someone who competes with you. They can never truly be happy for you and find a way to minimize you. They are jealous and insecure and have difficulty celebrating your success. The will often find ways to be passive aggressive. You leave their presence, scratching your head, wondering if they like you.
  2. The Controller. This person attempts to convince you how to think, feel or behave. They are judgmental. When you’re with them, you feel like you need to be who they expect you to be and as though you cannot be fully yourself.
  3. The Taker. This person depletes you. They are needy and violate your boundaries. When you’re with them, you feel drained. It’s a one sided relationship. You give, they take.
  4. The Withholder. You wonder how this person feels about you. They are inconsistent. They withhold affection, attention time, approval and intimacy. They do not share their feelings, thoughts or ideas with you. You feel as though they have walls and you attempt to break them down.
  5. The Gamer. This person plays games with you. You feel manipulated. You feel as though you are winning or losing when you engage with them.
  6. The Liar. You do not get the truth from this person. They lie about most things, big and little. You have no trust.
  7. The Enabler. You feel lost without this person. They aim to have you totally dependent on them. You have lost your sense of independence.
  8. The Flaker. They go MIA. They abandon, ghost, or otherwise reject you.

Of course, there are so many more toxic and dysfunctional relationship patterns, and in the work I do with my clients and students, we uncover and discuss them.

But for now if you recognize any of these patters, the next step is to register for my free master class where I’ll be teaching what to do about it.

You can sign up to learn:

  • How to recognize unhealthy relationships.
  • The exact steps to take to fix these dysfunctional patterns.
  • How to get off the fence about your relationships
  • How to alleviate feelings of anxiety, guilt, and resentment.
  • How to fix your relationships with my 3 Master Steps

Join now to secure your spot! You can sign up oon the home or about page.

Love yourself!




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