If you’ve ever asked your friends or family, I’m sure they’ve told you to forget it.

They probably said it was a lost cause, told you to give up, cut your losses and walk away.

But, that’s hard for you.

You love this person. You’ve invested time and energy and you know that if they could just “get it” their life would be so much better and you could be a happy family.

In other words, you want to believe a relationship with an addict or alcoholic can work.

And that’s why you’re here.

The truth is any relationship can work if both people are moving towards a mutual goal of communication, commitment, kindness and care.  

And people in recovery can make amazing partners.

Unlike many others, people in recovery are encouraged to look at their own behavior, take responsibility and change the things they have control over. So, if they’re working a solid recovery program, things can work.

However, what if they aren’t? What it they’re in and out of recovery? What if they continually relapse?

Can you deal with that? In the video, I give 3 strategies to help you make your relationship work.

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