The Codependency Institute with Heidi Rain

I’m Heidi Rain, Founder of the Codependency Institute – Welcome Home.

D.Div, MCC, MNLP Codependency Expert & Addiction Consultant

Meet Heidi Rain, a highly successful addiction consultant and codependency expert with a heart-wrenching past. Growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania, Heidi faced immense emotional, physical, and mental abuse as the daughter of an alcoholic. Despite this, she worked hard and climbed the corporate ladder, but still felt unfulfilled. As she chased success, she found herself struggling with codependency and addiction, including binge drinking and an eating disorder.

Determined to heal and find true love, Heidi now dedicates her life to helping others in toxic, addicted, or dysfunctional relationships. As an addiction professional and a master codependency coach, she has developed the Rapid Detachment Method and Attachment Personality Patterns, which provide laser-focused coaching to help others know exactly what to do. Her books, courses, and programs specialize in codependency, self-love, and dealing with addiction in the family.

Heidi’s ultimate goal is to increase awareness of generational dysfunction through codependency education, encourage personal responsibility through masterful coaching, and effect lasting change by breaking toxic patterns and ending cycles of dysfunction for good. Whether through her books, courses, or programs, Heidi is here to help you get your life back.

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