What is Codependency?

What is codependency and what are  codependent relationships? Simply put, codependency is a way to function in dysfunction.

Whether you grew up in a dysfunctional, addicted, or abusive family, or you ended up in toxic, unhealthy relationships, codependent behaviors developed as a way to survive, thrive, connect, or cope. And now, these survival skills are killing your chance at love and happiness.  Our signature Codependency and Toxic Relationship Coaching Program is exactly what you need to heal from the past and fall in love with YOU again!

Being in a relationship of any kind with an addict or alcoholic causes an emotional, physical, and psychological rollercoaster. It’s crucial that you have BOUNDARIES! My latest on demand master mini course lays the foundation of how to set and hold a boundary with an addict. You will get the exact step by step formula and the insight, wisdom, and guidance you need to set a boundary and FOLLOW THROUGH.


  • Why boundaries fail
  • Common boundary mistakes with an addict or alcoholic
  • How to get massive clarity around what you want, deserve, and are no longer    willing to tolerate.
  • How to communicate with clarity, empathy, and strength.
  • How to follow through
  • The exact language to use with an addict or alcoholic
  • How to stop being manipulated, gaslit, and guilted out of your boundaries
  • How to create a healthy, peaceful environment for you and your family.

Healthy relationships allow you to be yourself. Codependent relationships make you feel like being yourself isn’t good enough. So, you end up becoming a chameleon, never really knowing your authentic self. Work with me to excavate your authentic self.  

Healthy relationships are free from control and manipulation. You are free to have your own thoughts, feelings, ideas, and perspectives. Codependent relationships are full of manipulation and gaslighting. Sometimes you can feel crazy and guess at what “|normal” is. Work with me to dismantle the web of lies and uncover the absolute truth about love and yourself. 

Healthy relationships bring out your best self. Codependent relationships turn you into someone you’re not. They fill you with anxiety, resentment, confusion, and pain. You’re left acting out of desperation. Work with me to get your POWER back.

Healthy relationships are filled with trust. Codependent relationships leave you feeling like the only person you can trust is you. Work with me to learn how to open, allow, and receive as much love as you try to give.  

Healthy relationships feel free. Codependent relationships feel stuck. Work with me to UNSTUCK YOURESLF for good. 

Codependency turns you into someone you’re not.

Learn about Heidi Rain’s 8  codependent personality patterns.  

Identify how your patterns has been keeping you form the love and happiness you deserve.

Codependency Coaching and our Toxic Relationship Recovery Program gets to the root cause of your relationship issues, so you can heal from destructive patterns and break up with toxic codependent cycles for good. Our Codependency and toxic relationship recovery program is 12 weeks long. We meet Wed nights at 7 PM EST in a private online classroom and Noon EST Wed. for International clients. 

If you’re ready to start your journey to healing, wholeness and healthy relationships, check out our signature 12 week LIVE Coaching Program!

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Module 1: Understanding Codependency

Learn where your unique codependency patterning originated.
Gain invaluable insight into the satges of relationship development.
Identify your root unmet needs.
Discover the impact of past relationship drama on current relationship trauma.

Module 2: Heidi Rain’s Attachment Personality Patterns

Learn about the 8 different attachment Personality Patterns.

Identify your primary and secondary patterns and learn the impact of that patterning on your relationships.

Uncover the patterns of those you love, empowering you to make educated decisions about your relationships.

Learn how to interrupt and erradicate unhealthy patterns, stopping dysfunction in it’s tracks.

Module 3: Heidi Rain’s Insanacycle Model

Discover your core beliefs about yourself, life and others that drive your ever day behavior.

Learn about the unique way you behave as a dircet result of those beliefs.

Identify your core trigger and how to avoid them in the future.

Identify your unique negative coing strategies and develop alternative behavior patterns.

Module 4: Learn to live in the now

Learn how  to effectively feel your feelings in the present moment without getting triggered by others.

Identufy the reality of your current relationships with0ut romanticizing the past of fantacizing about the future.

Envision the relationship future you long to create and use it as your North Star GPS.

Take an extensive relationship history where you will uncover hidden patterns and attratctions.

Module 5: Heid Rain’s Rapid Detachment Method

Particiapte in Heidi’s revolutionary 7 step process to free yourself from the pain of past wrongdoings.

Learn the difference between forgiveness and radical acceptance.

Let go from past narratives that continue to cause reentment.

Develop a crystal clear action plan for radical self-healing moving forward.

Module 6: Learn how to rebuild trust, open to others and receive

Cultivate trust iin your own internal guidance syatem.

Learn the differenct between divinely guided intuition and a fear response.

Understand and apply one of the most importnat lessons of the universe to use as a tool to live through change.

Create mutually beneficial, trudt worthy relationships where you no longer feel fooled by others.

Module 7: Identify and honor your truest desires

Uncover your wants and needs and shift the focus from others to self.

Learn what your true desires are beneath the have tos and shoulds.

Understand exactly what it take to egt those needs met consistantly, without drama.

Learn how to stand frim and be unvavering in your new standards for self.

Module 8: Embody your True Identity

Create a Self Identity consistant with your new understanding of Self.

Learn to behave in accordance with thsi new empowered identity.

Release old identities that no longer serve your newly empowered self concept.

Integrate and own aspects of Self that hav been repressed out of fear.

Module 9: Speak your truth, set and hold boundaries

Set new standards according to your North Star commitemtn to happiness and health.

Learn the exact boundary formula to use with others.

Get crucial feedback from Heidi regariding what to say and how to say it to erradicate drama and future problems.

Learn ecactly what to do when your baoundaries are crosssed.

Module 10: Operate from a place of being enough

Uncover how and where a lack mentality shows up for you.

Know what to do so that you can cultivate an abundance mindset.

Erradicate scarcity based thongiong and decisions.

Know what ot feels like to finally be enough.

Module 11: Incorporating the LYFE Self Love System into your daily life

Learn how to utalize the 7 Vows into daily living.

Live from an empowered place in all of your relationships.

Cultivate the ability to stand in your power in all aspects of your life.

Attract the loving, mutually beneficial relationships you desereve.

Module 12: Keys to lasting success

Learn about the 5 levels of success.

understand what ot takes to assimilate your new understanding.

Know what it takes to contunie on the Self Love Path.

Celebrate yourr success and acknoledgement oof life changinf shifts as a result of the LYFE program.

Codependency coaching with Love Coach Heidi Rain McGuirk

Heidi Rain

Heidi Rain is a Master Practitioner of NLP, Addiction Professional and Master Certified Empowerment and Relationship Coach. She specializes in codependency, self-love, dysfunctional/unhealthy relationships, and dealing with addiction in the family.  She is co-creator of the Revolutionary Family Program and Love Yourself First Empowerment School.

It’s her passion to equip and certify those who want to help others through her Empowerment Coach University.

Heidi held an esteemed faculty position at one of the world’s leading drug and alcohol treatment centers where she created empowerment programming and facilitated psychoeducational lectures, seminars and group therapy. This experience with thousands of clients over many years, led to the creation of much of her life changing curriculum and proprietary methods.
Heidi blends her vast professional experience, world class education and personal experience to create exceptional results with her students and clients. She has a unique understanding and fresh perspective which helps her to truly get results with those she helps.

Her riveting style of using humor and candor encourages and inspires people to heal.