Do you have a calling to be a coach?

Our Certification Programs equip you with the training, education, coaching and support you need to become a world class coach. Whether you’re just stating, are established or are looking to add coaching to your therary practice, we have a customized program for you!

Our boutique style coaching programs allow for a customized experience.

Let’s face it. You’re different. And a cookie cutter coaching system isn’t going to cut it. 

We know what it takes to run a successful coaching practice on YOUR terms. And that’s why we have specialized training tracts to help you get optimum results. So whether you’re a veteran coach or new to coaching, we customize your program around your needs. 

Empowerment Coach University

We specialize in the following areas

Wellness. Self Love. Codependency. Relationships. Recovery. Family Coaching. Business.

Empowerment Coach University is a complete  Coaching Empowerment System designed to help you create a business you love!

A done for you, ready made coaching practice or develop your own program with expert guidance.


When you become a certified Empowerment Coach, you will have access to the complete LYFE school System.  The programs and products are already in place and all that’s missing is you! You’ll bring your unique approach to the material and you’ll coach your clients to success.   We take all the stress and anxiety out of your business so you can BE in your business with ease and flow, creating the abundance you deserve.

Or, I will help you uncover your unique genius and we will build programs and products around your talents and gifts. 


Set up your business according to your unique needs

You don’t have to run your business like everyone else. You can do what works for you, focusing on your strengths.

We’ll discover your unique way of doing business. And set up your business so it’s in alignment with the lifestyle you truly desire.


save time and money

Most people fail in their businesses because they don’t have the right training and support. I know what information you need in order to run a successful 6 figure practice and I’m going to give you the exact steps to take. You are uniquely qualified to help a specific tribe of people. Together, we’ll discover exactly how you’re going to help those people. And once we know that, we’ll create a marketing strategy designed to be laser focused on the people you help, cutting through all the noise so your soul mate clients can find you.


You’ll create results

Likely, you’ve been thinking about starting your own coaching practice for a awhile now. Maybe you’ve gotten “certified” with other programs. But you’re still stuck. Nothing’s happening and you know you’re destined for so much more. Let me give you the step by step system that shows you exactly what to do with your business so you can start generating the income you deserve.


 Become the expert in your industry

The world’s waiting for you to unleash your gifts and talents. 

 Take the next step and reach out to me to schedule a complimentary consultation.

become a certified coach
life coach gastric bypass binge eating self love

Certified Coach Tracey Volk

Let me help you understand and resolve your binge behavior for good.

Are you considering Gastric Bypass due to a binge eating problem? Let me share with you what I wish I would have known then.

A little over a decade ago I was nearly 300 pounds and considering gastric bypass as my last resort. I knew something had to change. I didn’t like myself, let alone love myself. I felt alone and desperate to make a drastic change in my life.

Gastric bypass worked. But it didn’t fix the real problem.

It turned out, I had only begun my journey to discovering and loving my true self.

I learned so much along the way that I wish someone would have told me about!

And that’s why we’re here now. I want to help you make the most out of your decision, so you not only experience life long results, but so that you truly transform from the inside out.

In working with me and Bypass the Binge, we can discover deeply embedded issues causing you to binge the way you do and heal from there. I utilize a customized accountability-based approach with each client, performing a deep dive to figure out the root cause that triggers your self-destructive behavior. In each 1-on-1 partnership with you, I help cultivate refreshing new relationships with binge-related focus that helps eliminate negativity and foster a positive spirit and mindset. Bypass the Binge allows you complete freedom from binging and binge related issues in order to evolve into their best selves. Contact Tracey at www.BypasstheBinge.Com


Toni Taylor certified life coach

Certified Coach Toni Taylor

Toni specializes in Business Strategy and Codependency.

Certified Coach Elisabeth Treadway

Certified Coach Elisabeth Treadway

Elisabeth Treadway Specializes in Recovery and creating a fulfilling, purpose driven life.


My name is Elisabeth and I’m an addict and alcoholic.  UGH!  Seems like when I got sober this was my only identity.  All other parts of me were unimportant, I was now just an addict and alcoholic.  I am so much more.  I was sober in my early 30’s for a couple years.  I never did the work to go from just being sober to actually recovering.  I never built a life with joy and passion.  Not shockingly, I went back to my old life.  When I got sober again several years later it had to be different.  With the help of my life coach I faced the pain and trauma that I had sought escape from for so many years and began to recover.  I began to build a life with all the beautiful things that had been missing from my previous sobriety stint
I help sober addicts and alcoholics in their recovery and to discover of a life filled with joy, purpose and passion.  Together we will custom build you a life you will want to stay present for, a life you won’t want to miss out on!



coach Tereleigh Fabean

Certified Coach Tereleigh Fabean

coach zina poltorak

Coach Zina Poltorak

Hi! I’m Zina Poltorak the founder of Life by Faith Coaching, a life coaching practice where I help individuals to regain their authenticity and hope so they can live a fulfilled life.

I am a certified Strategic Life Coach, LPN and Stage 2 Breast cancer survivor.

From domestic violence, divorce, loss of my mother, sister, friend and furry companion all within a 2 year span, cancer, and then discovering I suffered from codependency, I have experienced many endings, transitions, and new beginnings.

My heart has grown to understand the griefs, losses, fears and disappointments one can experience going through life. I can’t help but want to support you to overcome these obstacles and help empower you to be the best version of yourself.

With cancer and codependency being the final straws, I realized I had not been living the life I deserved. This has led me to recreating my life into the life I can be happy with; in spirit, soul and body. Finding my love for life and experiencing life transformation, I now desire to re-instill hope to those who want to live a life they deserve and reach their dreams.

“The process is simple and easy, but the results are profound.” – Janelle Bass

“I’ve gone from living in neutral to living intentional, exchanging self sabotage for a life of power and purpose.” – Catherine Cooper

Hearing words like this drives me to continue doing what I do and impact woman so they can live a life they love.

Originally from New York, I now reside in Orlando, FL with my husband and 3 sons. I find joy in hobbies such as gardening, home improvement, renovating household items, and innovating personal creations. I enjoy outdoor activities and BBQ’s with family and friends, as well as reading, learning, movies, music, and dancing.     


Click the image below to request a complimentary consultation to see if becoming a Certified Empowerment Coach is right for you

Are there any prerequisites?  

 Yes. In order to become a Certified LYFE Coach you must go through LYFE School first. It’s crucial that you go through the program first as a participant to connect to the teachings and build awareness and first hand experience of what your clients are experiencing. 

Can I get certified if I am already a coach or a therapist?

Absolutely. In fact, we have certified many therapists and coaches who wish to add Self Love/Empowerment and relationships as an area of expertise to what they already offer.

We also help coaches get to the next level of their business. We found that many existing coaches were struggling to create their own signature programs or find ways to cut through the noise to market their offerings. They appreciate that when they become a certified LYFE Coach, all of that is already created. 

 How long does it take to get certified?

Our coaching school is not a weekend certification program, that’s for sure. We believe that in order to be an effective and qualified coach, you need to dedicate time and resources to developing your craft. Our training is intensive and robust. If you are looking for a “Get certified quick” program, we are not the certification for you. 

We only want those who are prepared to dedicate time and effort to their study. Consider this as if you were looking at going to weekend community college or Harvard. We are Harvard. 

However, we are flexible with time and we try to accommodate all of our students. You can complete the certification program within 12 months.  

How much is it?

 The investment is usually a conversation reserved for those we accept into the program as it is run on an application basis.

However, if you are bargain hunting this is not the program for you. The tuition is reflective of the education, support and experience  you will receive.