In Empowerment School you learn to speak your truth

You’ll get the exact language to use in difficult conversations. You’ll learn how to set and hold boundaries and become a force of nature, protecting  the new sacred space of self love you’ve created.

Figure out who you really are

 Here’s the truth: You’ve been who you’ve needed to be, not who you truly are. In LYFE School you’ll learn my 8 different personality patterns and identify the “role” you’ve been playing. Then, we will uncover the REAL YOU. We’ll get rid of the masks you’ve been wearing and uncover your true beauty, radiating inside, waiting to shine. 

 In Empowerment School. we get crystal clear on what you really want. We’ll create a vision for your life, the way you want it. Then, we’ll systematically remove any barriers along the way preventing you from having the life and relationships you truly deserve. Be authentically happy. No more faking it. Ever again.

Raise your standards and never settle gain

What would life be like if you had NOTHING TO PROVE?

 Together, we’ll eradicate any stories of unworthiness and rip them up by the root. You’ll leave LYFE School knowing your true value and get the absolute clarity you need to make the RIGHT decision for you.

Heal from the past and let it go

When you complete this course, you’ll have participated in my revolutionary process called “The Rapid Transformation Method” that transforms pain into purpose. You’ll finally be able to make sense out of the things that have happened, reframe them for your good and move on! Break up with what’s not working and never look back

Be your most powerful Self

Throughout the course, you’ll be developing your courage and feel inspired to go after what you want, get it and keep it. You’ll be rooted in your value, becoming unshakable. Nothing can stop you when you become ALL of you and unleash your fullest potential. 

Love Yourself Free Empowerment School is a 12 week comprehensive online program with semi private LIVE weekly coaching.

Heidi has developed an amazing program with LYFE School.  With simple and succinct life lessons, anyone can be taught how to, literally, change your life.  The program and process easily transcends any kind of life issues and can be applied to persons who are willing and ready to make important, and often necessary, life changes.

For lack of a better way of saying it, I have always been in awe of Heidi.  Her style and expertise is brilliant.  Her knowledge about personal struggles and how to help change your personal story is unparalleled.  And, her efficacy is a true testament to the power of her program which teaches one how to survive and overcome.  Just ask any of her students.


Meagan Gaine, MSW, LCSW, LICSW

I just can’t thank you enough for opening up my heart. The way you teach is dynamic, creative, and fun. Thank you so much for your time, love, and encouragement.
Jane C.

Love Yourself FREE Empowerment School is broken down into 3 parts.

Part 1: Find yourself

During these classes, Heidi will teach you about your particular behavior patterns.

You’ll learn the point of origin for your codependency 

You’ll understand your unique Attachment Personality Pattern 

You’ll be given the specific action steps, tools, techniques and strategies to break free.

Part 2: Free yourself

During these classes, , Heidi will teach you her 7 Sacred Self Love Vows that will enable you to BE your true self.

You’ll learn how to release the past with her revolutionary 7 step process called RTM (Rapid Transformation Method)

You’ll learn your particular Unconscious Relationship Rules and replace them with new ways of BEing

Part 3 Love yourself through Action

During these classes, Heidi will give you step by step strategies and tools to speak your truth,

You’ll learn to set boundaries and communicate more effectively.

You’ll gain tremendous insight into your needs and desires.

You’ll be given a blueprint for living a life if fulfillment.



Empowerment School has 12 recorded teachings released weekly.

Each week, after you have had a chance to digest your lesson and do the associated exercises to assimilate the information, you’ll join Heidi for a weekly LIVE semi private coaching session via Zoom.



“Heidi, when I met you, little did I know the impact you would have on me.  You showed me how to love myself and because of that, I know how to love others. You taught me self respect and how to effectively communicate in relationships. You are dynamic, energetic, and hilarious! You have such a unique way of teaching your lessons. I’ve learned so much from you. I love you, Heidi. Thank you for everything.”

Patricia M.