Welcome to LYF School!

Heidi Rain Coaching is a global training and development organization dedicated to equipping and empowering  those impacted by addiction, dysfunction, or abuse to live an authentically happy life.

In addition to our programs, books, retreats, lectures, and seminars, we also provide an 11 month rotating curriculum called LYF SCHOOL.

Courses begin the first Tuesday of each month and are delivered live over 4 weeks.

Courses currenty offered:

  • How to get off the fence about your relationship
  • Breaking free from codependency
  • How to overcome addictions
  • How to survive an addict or alcoholic
  • How to overcome binge eating
  • How to set and hold boundaries
  • How to fix your relationship
  • How to achieve your goals
  • Issues for adult children of alcoholics.


All courses are recorded and available for future review should you be unable to make a class.  

Each course begins on the first Tuesday of the month.