Welcome to FLOW TRIBE. Where we learn to be Free, Loved, open and worthy!

World class support in our private, members, only virtual codependency support group.


What does it mean to be free?

You can be a slave to many things.  Other’s opinions of you, your limiting opinions of yourself, your past that still haunts you, or you can be a prisoner of your addictions to people, paces or things. But this is the community that will give you the tools you need to finally be set free. 

What does it mean to be loved?

You can have everything else in the world, but if you don’t have love, none of it will matter. No amount of success will fulfill our deepest need to belong, to connect, and to have true and lasting love. This is the place you come to learn to love and be loved.

What does it mean to be open?

You can know how to give and give and give, but it’s an art to learn to recieve. Many of us have been hurt and so we built up walls to protect ourselves. But the very walls we have built to keep out the pain, now push out the love. This is the place we come learn to open, recieve and allow. We learn to trust. 

What does it mean to be Worthy?

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “What’s wrong with me?” Felt broken, less than, or not enough, or stopped yourself from living your best life, then this is the place you come to learn your true value and claim your worth, and get the tools to create the life you truly deserve