LYFE SCHOOL: Love Yourself First Empowerment

Let us teach you everything you needed to know but no one taught you!

We’re proud to offer programs and courses to equip and empower those impacted by codependency, dysfunctional relationships or those dealing with addiction in the family.

Codependency Course and Semi Private Weekly Group Coaching

When we’re born into dysfunctional family, particularly one that is addicted, alcoholic, toxic or absent, we find a way to survive, thrive, connect or cope in that family. I call these Attachment personality Patterns. Essentially, they are a form of codependency. And these patterns worked for awhile, until they became a hinderance to having the healthy, happy relationships we deserve. In The LYFE Course, we get to the root cause of your relationship issues and I give you a step by step system to break free from codependency for good. 

Are you ready to get the clarity and support you need right now?

60 minute Book your one on one session with me and we’ll take a deep dive into your current situation. I’ll help you devise a crystal clear action plan and you will have 1 week of email support to follow up.

Are you thinking about becoming a certified coach?

Do you have a calling to use your unique gifts and talents to help heal the world? If you have a message inside of you that longs to be heard, I’d love to come along side of you and give you the tools you need to turn your dream of making an impact into a reality. Inquire about becoming a Certified Coach though private mentor ship today.

How do you deal with addiction?

The Revolutionary Family Program is an incredibly effective training program for people with addicted loved ones. The goal of the program is to equip you with all of the education and tools you need to help your loved one on the road to recovery.

Addiction is a family disease in that it effects everyone. Not just the addict or alcoholic.

Everyone feels the effects. And addiction is like a thief. It steals your peace, your sanity and robs you of your trust. You’re left shaking your head, wondering what to do.

We created our Revolutionary Family Program to help you:

  • Understand addiction
  • Know exactly what behaviors are enabling and which behaviors are helpful
  • Figure out how to rebuild trust
  • Know when to believe what your loved one is telling you
  • How to stop feeling guilty
  • How to stop being manipulated
  • How to encourage recovery without enabling
  • How to move on from hurt and betrayal
  • What specific action steps to take in order to get help for a loved one
  • What recovery should and shouldn’t look like
  • What to get involved in and what to leave alone and allow your loved one to take care of (bills, lawyers, legal affairs).
  • How to remain optimistic and hopeful
  • How to notice relapse behavior
  • What to do when someone relapses
  • How to set a boundary
  • How to hold the bottom line.
  • How long recovery takes and what to expect
  • How to have tough conversations with kids or other family members
  • What role halfway houses play in recovery and how to choose a good one
  • What to pay for and what to expect your loved one to pay for in recovery
  • Why people relapse
  • Why can’t my loved one just stop?

These questions make you end up feeling, alone, anxious, depressed, confused, betrayed, rage, numb and everything in between. Our Online Family Program is the best option to get the clarity, direction and support you need.