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We are proud to offer products to help you navigate the relationships in your life and be the best you possible.

LYFE SCHOOL: our signature Course to fix your dysfunctional relationships and create the love you deserve.

When is it your turn to have the relationships you’ve always imagined?

What if you didn’t have to settle, self-sacrifice or suck it up anymore?

What could life be like if you found your true voice and lived from a place of absolute worthiness? 

What if you stopped people pleasing, controlling or pretending you’re fine. And decided to put yourself first for a change?

Being in a dysfunctional relationship affects every other area of our lives.

You deserve so much more than what you’ve been settling for!

Learn more about how to fix your dysfunctional relationships for good with our signature program called  LYFE School, where you learn to Embody Love Yourself First.


one on one coaching, mentoring and healing

It’s time to crack the code to your breakthrough. The clients I work with tell me that the things I am able to help them accomplish in coaching, have evaded them in therapy for years. In fact, one lawyer said  “I accomplished more in one session with Heidi than in 10 years of  every other therapeutic intervention I can think of.” Another client said, “I got more from the first 20 minutes of my session with you than in 6 months of couples counseling.”

I specialize in issues of addiction in the family, recovery, self esteem, codependency, and self love.  I have 20 years of experience and produce massive results with my clients.