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We are proud to offer products to help you navigate the relationships in your life and be the best you possible.

LYFE SCHOOL: our signature Course to fix your dysfunctional relationships and create the love you deserve.

When is it your turn to have the relationships you’ve always imagined?

What if you didn’t have to settle, self-sacrifice or suck it up anymore?

What could life be like if you found your true voice and lived from a place of absolute worthiness? 

What if you stopped people pleasing, controlling or pretending you’re fine. And decided to put yourself first for a change?

Being in a dysfunctional relationship affects every other area of our lives.

You deserve so much more than what you’ve been settling for!

Learn more about how to fix your dysfunctional relationships for good with our signature program called  LYFE School, where you learn to Embody Love Yourself First.


one on one mentoring. Become a Certified LYFE Coach

Do you have a calling to use your unique gifts and talents to help heal the world? If you have a message inside of you that longs to be heard, I’d love to come along side of you and give you the tools you need to turn your dream of making an impact into a reality. Inquire about becoming a Certified LYFE Coach though private mentorship today.

Are you dealing with a toxic relationship?
Do you have dysfunctional people in your life?
Do you have a person in your life that causes you anxiety, resentment, anger or sadness?
Do you want to find the peace and happiness you deserve this Holiday Season?
If you answered yes, you;’re why I created this course. So, go ahead and give yourself the gift of sanity and sign up!
Over the course of 7 weeks, beginning November 7th, I am going to be guiding you through a series of sessions designed to equip and empower you!
Each session will be a critical step in learning how to deal with the impossible people in your life.
Classes are Thursdays at noon EST. But no worries, if you can’t make it, you will have lifetime access to the recordings.
Enjoy a small classroom style experience where you can interact as much or as little as you choose. (we use Zoom..easily downloaded.)
Join other like minded people and make new friends, or stay silent and remain anonymous. Its totally up to you!
I’ve kept the investment super LOW. In fact, if you’ve been wanting to work together, this is the most cost effective way to do so!
I wanted to make sure it’s affordable, even though it’s priceless. Because this course can literally save you from another Holiday like last year!
SO, go on and sign up. Space is limited. I do want the class to be small enough to make sure I can serve ALL who sign up! Don’t wait. Do it now.Class runs November 7-December 19, 2019.