Recovery Reboot Seminar with Dug and Heidi McGuirk

This powerful workshop is held twice a year. Once in the Winter and once in the Summer.

Palm Healthcare and Revolutionary Growth present a Revolutionary Health Event

  • Re Ignite your passion and find your purpose
  • Re Connect to what matters
  • Re Define your life on your terms
  • Re Invent yourself
  • Re Kindle your commitment

Recovery ReBoot is a revolutionary 3 day event designed to help you ignite your passion and live into your purpose!

Join us for 3 life changing days!

Have you gotten sober, but find yourself not as happy as you hoped?

Have you kicked the habit but fid yourself drifting back to old patterns of behavior?


Are you sober, but find you’re:

Still struggling?


Is this why you got sober in the first place? HELL NO! You got sober to live and extra-ordinary life! A life worth being sober for!

  • Dug & Heidi McGuirk will help you unleash the rockstar within! Go beyond recovery to the “Now What!?”
  • Uncover your true lifes purpose.
  • Create unstoppable momentum towards your dreams.
  • Get the strategies to make lasting change.
  • Supercharge you life to the next level.
  • ReWhyR your brain and eliminate negative thinking.

Leave the weekend Empowered, Enlightened and UNSTOPPABLE!

The Family Program Weekend with Heidi and Dug McGuirk


Held the first weekend of every month at Palm Partners Recovery Center in Delray Beach Florida.

In this not to be missed weekend, Heidi and Dug teach addiction in an easy to understand formula. Families who have attended this life changing weekend gain valuable, applicable information. We answer questions like:

  • How did my loved one get addicted?
  • Why can’t they just stop?
  • Is this hereditary?
  • Did trauma create this?
  • What can I do to help?
  • What should recovery look like?
  • What’s the difference between helping and hurting?
  • What’s my role in my loved ones recovery?

The Love Yourself First LYF Retreat with Heidi


What can you learn from me that will change your life forever? Am I delusional that I believe I actually have the path you’ve been looking for? Maybe. Maybe not. This path isn’t for everyone. It’s only for the women and men who feel called to take the walk with me.

How do you know you’re being called?

Because when I speak, you see yourself. If I’m speaking to you, I’m calling YOU. I am you. We are the same. I’m simply a little further down the path, calling to you in the dark, ready to light the rest of your way.

I see you.  

You’re always thinking. You get lost in your thoughts. The tape never shuts off. Especially at night when you run over and over again the days happenings. Thinking about what you didn’t do well enough and what you have to do tomorrow. You have a hard time just BEING. You’re a do-er. And sometimes your value gets wrapped up in accomplishments. When you’re not doing, you feel less than. Let me teach you how to be in the Present moment. Let me help you rid yourself of any looming anxiety (thinking) or residual depression (regret) hampering you from reaching your dreams. I will teach you specific techniques that you can use in your everyday like and apply immediately.

Just when you think you’re over that thing that happened to you, it keeps cropping back up. You carry old hurts, and unresolved issues- Resentments that hold you back. You would rather just suck it up buttercup, or put on a happy face and be FINE. But you’re not fine, you repeat unwanted patterns of behaving in your current relationships. You people please, pretend to be fine, try and control everything, compete with others or try and be perfect. Let me walk you through an unbelievably effective 7 step process I invented to eradicate those old hurts for good.

You give. You’re used to giving and attracting takers. Many times you believe the only one you can count on is you. You give and give, but it’s hard to receive. You don’t trust a lot of people. People tell you everything about themselves, but they know very little about you. You just don’t know what they would do with that information. Or worse, if they found out things about you, maybe they would reject you or abandon you. Let me show you specific tools for learning to Open up, allow, trust and receive all of the goodness that’s your birthright.

Because you are adept at taking care of everyone else, your self-sacrificing leads to your needs going to the wayside. Sometimes, you can get to the point when you let yourself go for so long that you feel like imploding exploding running. Or numbing.  I want to teach you how to tap into your true desires. What do you really want? What do you truly need? Let’s uncover how to Meet your needs.

Am I getting you? Is this rare that someone knows you so well? Who are you, really? Does anyone really know the REAL you? Or are you being who you have to be for others or who others tell you that you need to be? What would happen if you got to decide who you really are? Let me help you create an Identity that fells authentic to you. Where you get to be fully you. Let me help you be comfortable in your own skin.

Do you bite your tongue? Do you sit on your truth for too long? Do people tend to take more than you want to give? Do you have a hard time saying no? Are you always up for anything and everything, even when you know you need to put your foot down? Let me show you exactly how to Speak your truth in love. Let’s work together to teach people how to treat you. Let’s set boundaries you can feel awesome about.

If you are comparing yourself to others, competing, judging yourself without mercy, or if you are stuck in perfectionism, you surely wrestle with not feeling Enough. It can show up in many ways. I’m not enough. It’s not enough. There’s not enough. You’re not enough. And then, misery sets in. You get paralyzed. You procrastinate. You sit on your dreams and time ticks away. You wonder if it’s too late. Or if you’re even capable. Let me teach you how to not just intellectually know your enough. Let me get it into your bones.

Join me. Together, we will Learn How to Love Yourself First.

Enroll Now. Space is limited.


Relationship Rehab with Dug and Heidi McGuirk


This workshop is held every year in the Spring.

Relationships are the one thing we think is supposed to happen naturally. And so, we rarely invest in them. The problem with that is that relationships are our greatest source of joy, but they are also our greatest source of pain.

Come spend the weekend with Dug and Heidi McGuirk as you learn the tools and skills you need to master your intimate relationships.


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