The Codependency Institute with Heidi Rain
addiction and codependency recovery with heidi rain

Heidi Rain, Founder of the Codependency Institute Provides Sainity, Strategy, and Solace to Those Impacted by Another’s Addiction.

Hi there, I’m Heidi Rain. Welcome home, I’m glad you’re here. 

I’ve dedicated my life to helping you: a person impacted by another’s addiction. Whether it’s an intimate relationship, a child. or a parent that has left you feeling confused resentful, numb, or devastated, I’m here to help you navigate your Way to sanity and solace. 

As an addiction consultant and codependency expert for the past 2 decades,  I’ve helped hundreds of people know exactly what to do with laser focused and expert level coaching.

Having a relationship (of any kind) with an addict or alcoholic can make you feel like a hot mess express: on a runaway train of confusion, outrage, anxiety, depression and everything in between. This is your stop. I’ve got you.

Together, you’ll break you free from toxic cycles to create the healthy relationships you deserve.

I’ll help you get absolute clarity and certainty about what to do next. With my coaching, I’ll answer your questions, “Should I stay or should I go?” , “Can my specific situation be fixed?”, and “What do I do to save my family?” 

You’ll be expertly guided, every step of the way, week by week to peace, love, sanity, and yes! Believe it or not…happiness, again.

Don’t let addiction in your relationships and codependency patterns control you any longer. Join me on this mission to help you and others recover from relationship trauma and create healthy, fulfilling relationships.

The time is now – are you ready to take back control and have the life you deserve?

Discover Your Attachment Personality Pattern

By identifying your Codependent Attachment Personality Patterns (CAPPs), you can uncover your strengths and weaknesses and work towards creating a better life for yourself.

Our personality assessment is designed to help you gain insight into your behavior in addicted, codependent relationships, allowing you to create healthier and more fulfilling connections.

Do it now! – take our CAPP test and get to know yourself better! Uncover your potential and create richer relationships by taking the test today

Are you in the Right Place?

  • You’re dealing with an addicted, toxic, or dysfunctional person and need to know exactly what to do.
  • You’re relationships are unbalanced and you feel unsupported.
  • You’re confused. Should you stay or should you go? Can this relationship work or be saved?
  • You walk on eggshells in your relationships. You work overtime to protect the feelings of others.

and ...

  • You’re trying to fix or change someone. You’re tired of putting up with the behavior you don’t deserve. You want someone to change, to love, respect, and value you.
  • You’re successful. and smart, but this relationship is difficult for you.
  • You’re ready and determined to create a happy, healthy relationship.
  • You want a true partner in life who will put in as much effort as you do.

Transform Your Relationships with Our Attachment Personality Pattern Test

Are you tired of feeling stuck in unhealthy relationships? Are you struggling to break free from codependent behavior patterns? Our Attachment Personality Pattern Test is the answer you’ve been looking for.

This accurate assessment of codependent relationship patterns is the only one of its kind. With the insight you gain from this test, you’ll be able to identify and transform your codependent behaviors, leading to happy, healthy relationships.

You need this information to heal, and our test is the first step towards a brighter future. Don’t wait any longer to start your journey towards healthier relationships. Take the test now and gain the insight you need to transform your life.

Identify Your Unique Codependency Programming

Learn the hidden dysfunctional and toxic patterns that keep you stuck, struggling, or suffering in your relationships

Understand how the difficult people in your life are programmed

Learn what it takes to break free from these patterns for good

Heal and restore your personal power with our Codependency and Toxic Relationship Recovery Course

We provide a step by step Codependency recovery Course to help you excavate your authentic self and create the lasting, loving, healthy relationships you deserve!

We also provide the path to healing for those who have decided to take a break and focus on loving and themselves!

With our world class Addiction in The Family Training and Master Level Coaching you'll end guilt and gaslighting and restore the peace, love, and sanity in your family!

Learn to set and hold your bottom line without the guilt that goes with it. This coaching experience is specifically formulated for those who are in relationships with addicts and alcoholics.

With our expert coaching, you'll transform pain into power with your own personal action plan

Finally, answer the questions, “Can this relationship be fixed?” or “Should I stay or should I go?” once and for all. Know with absolute clarity exactly what you want, need, and deserve. Then work with us to develop a step by step action plan and use our expert guidance to implement those changes.

With our Retreats, Programs, Books and Courses, you'll be set free from emotional and psychological turmoil.

Know your value, claim your worth and stand in your POWER. Release the past and live in the now.  No one will ever have the ability to knock you off your center or suck you into their drama ever again.

Our world class programs specialize in Dealing with Addiction in Your Relationships and Codependency,Toxic Relationship Recovery.

We are on a mission to teach you how to deal with an addicted loved one and how to recover from the relationship trauma that has left you drained, numb, resentful, perplexed, anxious or hurt.

Who are our programs for?

We serve people who are impacted by codependency, another’s  addiction and dysfunction.

What are our programs for?

Our programs help people impacted by another’s addiction to get the tools, strategy and insight they nbneed rto transform thiose relationships. We help you  be well, healthy, whole, sane, equipped, and healed.

How do we help people?

We have complete and comprehensive programs , courses, and semi-provate group coaching containers to ensure success. Our programs and Coaching Containers  are specific to your current situation. In essence, they are MADE FOR YOU.

Why do we do what we do?

There’s a huge gap in the world, and it’s filled with the people who feel like they’ve been burried under another’s addiction. I created the Codependency Institute to find and serve my people: those impacted by another’s addiction. I see you and I can help you.

Discover Your Attachment Personality Pattern

By identifying your Codependent Attachment Personality Patterns (CAPPs), you can uncover your strengths and weaknesses and work towards creating a better life for yourself.

Our personality assessment is designed to help you gain insight into your behavior and relationships, allowing you to create healthier and more fulfilling connections.

Do it now! – take our CAPP test and get to know yourself better! Uncover your potential and create richer relationships by taking the test today

About Our Founder, Heidi Rain

D. Div, MNLP, MCC, Addiction Professional, and Master Codependency Coach is the creator of Attachment Personality Patterns and the Rapid Detachment Method. Her books, courses, and programs specialize in codependency, self-love, dysfunctional/unhealthy relationships, and dealing with addiction in the family.  Her goal is to increase awareness of generational dysfunction through codependency education, fostering personal responsibility through masterful coaching, and affecting lasting change by breaking toxic patterns, ending the cycles of dysfunction for good.  To further the message, Heidi certifies coaches, therapists, and healers through her training and development company, Empowerment Coach University.

love coach heidi


Coach Heidi  changed my life. I enrolled in the program after coming to the realization that some of my relationships were not healthy ones. I knew I was a good person with a good heart and couldn’t figure out why I kept drawing projects instead of partners. I consider myself an intelligent, professional kind, and loving woman but some of my relationships didn’t reflect who I was, and I couldn’t figure out why. I had to take a good look at myself. Heidi helped me realize because of my dysfunctional abusive childhood, I had become Codependent and had learned how to function in dysfunction. I learned in LYFE school that my personality attachment patterns were the people pleaser and the fixer. As a people pleaser I would sometimes say yes when I really wanted to say no. As the fixer I wanted to be the one that rescued. I was that Wonder Woman all for the sake of LOVE. Love that I was still seeking as a little girl from my mother. LYFE school helped me discover I am worthy of love without any extra, just being who I am is enough. I am enough and my value is priceless. I have learned through LYFE school how to set healthy boundaries and I have learned to see people for who they are regardless of their titles or labels.

I am FREE and I walk in my Freedom without any apologies, but most importantly I have learned how to Love and honor ME. 

Grateful for my Angel

Loria G


Heidi is a wizard at getting to the core of deep rooted issues and helping people navigate a path to self-love and acceptance by breaking unhealthy thoughts and behavior patterns. She was able to help me change my perspective in order for personal growth and I have since incorporated her curriculum into my own practice as a licensed clinical therapist.

Heidi was not only integral in my own treatment but I’ve witnessed her facilitate remarkable change in many people’s lives. Heidi is one of the most relatable life coaches and mentors I’ve ever been involved with and I am proud to call her my friend. Her expertise in relationships, self-worth/love and addictions combined with her personal experience and humor allow her to teach individuals how to truly redefine their belief systems and change dysfunctional thought patterns and behaviors which ultimately lead to lives of fulfillment.

As the director of an intensive co-occurring disorders program, Heidi has allowed me to be more comfortable in using my personal experience as a teaching tool and gain confidence as a leader. I often use her methods and teachings to promote discussion and I make a concerted effort to emulate her ease of connectedness in presentation style.

Heidi’s expertise combined with her ability to exercise change is brilliant and, in my opinion, unparalleled. Her efficacy is a true testament to the powerful work she does. Just ask any of her students.

Meagan Gaine


When I met Heidi I was in a horrible place. Dealing with a fiancé facing addiction and in rehab. She was the one person who would tell me like it was with no filter. She has taught me about co-dependency and learning how to break free from toxic relationships. At my lowest point, she was the hand that reached down to help me pull myself up. I cannot imagine where I would be today had I not met this most amazing soul. She is passionate about her wants to help others. And she is smart beyond her years. I truly feel that you have had to walk in the trenches to understand how to help pull others out. She is beyond one of the most intricate parts of my recovery and I value her as my coach, my confidant, and my friend.

Tammy Inge

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Courses and Coaching Options

how to deal with addiction in my family

Restore peace, love, sanity , and hope to your family dealing with addiction.

Yes! It is possible to save, fix, and recover from addiction in your family. But you need strategic tools and expert guidance. Our approach is NOT to turn your back, but to do everything you can (THE RIGHT AND SMART WAY) to have massive influence over the outcome. We want to help restore your family when possible. And if not, we want you to be guilt free and have absolute clarity about ending your relationship. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

codependency and toxic relationship recovery

Heal from relationship trauma and end any codependent patterns of dysfunction for good.

Time does not heal all wounds, siezing the right opportunity does. And although there are many paths to recover form relationship trauma and heal your codependency, our studernts believe this path to be THE ONE.

And if you’re lifke them, this isn’t your  firtst rodeo. Many have tired therapy and self help to no real avail.

Our program connects all the dots for you and holds the space for you to bring everything you’ve learned and done together.

And if you’re new to this, that’s okay too. It’s even better!

private codependency and addiction coaching

Laser Focused Semi-Private Coaching Containers

Our coaching containers are an incredibly supportive and transformative safe space for people dealing with addiction and codependency to come together, heal, learn, and create healthy, happy prelationships.

Space is limited to 20 participants per cohort.

Admission requires a consultation to ensure the right fit.

For a LIMITED TIME ONLY you can scheule a one on one private session with Heidi Rain

Click below to secure your session

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Relationships with dysfunctional people steal your peace and leave you feeling confused, anxious, resentful and depressed. Don’t go another day putting everyone else’s needs before your own! It’s finally your turn! Book that consultation and let’s get moving on your journey back to your happiest, most authentic self.