codependency and addiction private coaching

I’m Heidi Rain, Addiction Professional and Codependency Expert. I’m here to help you restore peace, sanity, and love to your Self and family.

I provide semi private and individual caoching. D.Div, MCC, MNLP Codependency Expert & Addiction Consultant

Welcome home. I’m so glad you’re here.

I provide strategic coaching for people who are learning how to deal with an addict or alcoholic as well as those who wish to heal from the relationship trauma that results. 

I offer both individual and semi private coaching. The first step is to meet with me for 90 minutes so that we can develop a clear action plan to best suit your needs moving forward. 

In this session, I will gain a clear understanding of your unique situation and give you expert guidance to move forward.

We will also be deciding if semi-private or individual coaching will be the best choice for you. Along with duration and frequency. 


Here’s what we focus on in our Semi Private Coaching:

Coaching for Partners of Addicts or Alcoholics


This coaching helps partners od addicts or alhololics.   The groups are a safe, small, space where you can get support and encouragement as well as strategic advice and education. You will be given expert guidance to help you navigate any stage of ones use or recovery. You will also learn how to deal with your thoughts, feelings, and reactions to the use and the impact it has on you and your entire family.

This is also the group to join  if you are deciding to stay or go in your relationship.



Coaching for Codependency and Toxic Relationship Recovery


This is coaching for people who’ve been impacted by a toxic, dysfunctional, or addicted relationships and want to take time for themselves to heal. You’ll find your authentic Self, restore your heart and mind, reclaim your value, and become the most powerful version of your authentic Self.
Codependency coaching with Love Coach Heidi Rain McGuirk

Heidi Rain

Heidi Rain stands as a beacon of hope and transformation in the field of codependency recovery, touching the lives of individuals worldwide with her unparalleled expertise and profound insights. With an unwavering dedication to liberate hearts from the shackles of codependency, Heidi has emerged as a world-class codependency expert, empowering countless individuals to break free from toxic relationship patterns and find the ultimate love and happiness they truly deserve.

Growing up in a small town, Heidi’s childhood was fraught with challenges, being raised in a dysfunctional family environment by an alcoholic parent. These experiences led her to intimately understand the deep-rooted impact addiction can have on individuals and the subsequent development of codependent patterns. Driven by her personal journey of healing and growth, Heidi has committed her life to helping others break the cycle of codependency and forge a path to a more fulfilling existence.

Heidi Rain’s transformative journey began by creating the Attachment Personality Pattern Test, a groundbreaking assessment that enables individuals to unravel their unique codependency programming. This invaluable tool provides individuals with a deeper understanding of their relationship patterns and equips them with the necessary knowledge to embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

With her revolutionary Rapid Detachment Method, Heidi has brought forth a comprehensive solution to guide individuals on a transformative path to freedom. This method, born out of her compassion and authenticity, empowers individuals to break free from codependent patterns permanently. Through a combination of inner work, self-reflection, and practical techniques, Heidi’s method facilitates deep healing, allowing individuals to reclaim their personal power and rediscover their authentic selves.

Heidi Rain’s profound impact extends beyond her innovative methodologies and groundbreaking assessments. Her exceptional book, “What’s Wrong with Me,” has resonated with countless adults who have grown up in addicted homes, providing them with powerful insights and guidance to identify and overcome codependent patterns. Through her candid and empowering words, Heidi instills hope, strength, and resilience in her readers, offering a path towards self-discovery and healing.

As a highly sought-after coach and mentor, Heidi Rain has garnered a reputation for her transformative coaching programs, retreats, and courses. Her clients, often referred to as heroes and fixers, undergo a profound transformation under her guidance, emerging with a newfound sense of empowerment, self-worth, and authenticity. By prioritizing their own well-being and setting healthy boundaries, Heidi’s clients no longer settle for less than they deserve. They rediscover their true selves and live from a place of empowerment and strength.

Heidi Rain’s genius lies not only in her compassionate approach but also in her exceptional analytical thinking skills. She possesses a rare ability to see what others may overlook, uncovering deep-rooted truths and facilitating real, lasting change in others. This unique gift, combined with her extensive training in codependency, addiction, and attachment theory, positions Heidi as a true expert in her field.

Beyond her individual impact, Heidi’s expertise has earned her recognition as a keynote speaker at addiction conventions and events. Her ability to unravel complex emotional dynamics and provide profound insights has made her a sought-after voice in the field of codependency recovery. Through her dynamic presentations, she enlightens audiences and inspires them to embark on their own transformative journeys.

Heidi Rain resides in the vibrant state of Florida, where she lives with her loving family and an assortment of cherished pets. Her direct and honest communication style, coupled with her deep love and insight, create a safe and transformative space for her clients. With each passing day, she reaffirms her mission to break the chains of codependency, liberate hearts, and guide individuals to live from their most authentic selves.

Heidi Rain’s vision extends far beyond the realm of personal transformation. By empowering individuals to become cycle breakers themselves, she aspires to create a ripple effect of healing and liberation in families and communities worldwide. With her world-class expertise, unwavering dedication, and genuine compassion, Heidi Rain continues to shine a light on the path towards freedom, helping individuals reclaim their lives and find the love and happiness they truly deserve.