Love Yourself First Relationship Recovery with Heidi Rain

LYFE SCHOOL (Love Yourself First Empowerment) is a step by step Recovery System by Heidi Rain for those impacted by addiction, dysfunction, or abuse. It includes several courses that focus on each aspect of your recovery and healing. By using the complete system, you are investing in your ability to end the cycle of dysfunction in your family for good. Congratulations Brave Warrior. Let us begin.

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Get control of your life back and learn everything you need to know about how to deal with addiciton in your family.

dealing with addiction in the family
Module 1: How and why addiction happens

We do not subscribe to the notion that one has to hit rock bottom to quit using.

We aslo do not believe in turning your back or other “tough love” models for recovery.

What we have learned as a result of working with thousands of addicts and alcoholics as well as their families for more than a decade, is that there are very specific things you can do to motivate someone to change,

AND there are very specific things you must learn to detach from if you’re going to get the results you want.

In this module, you’ll learn exactly how this happend and why so that you can come from the most informed, loving, and effective place. 

Module 2: Learn the unique psychology of addicts and alcoholics

There are many myths and old ways of thinking about addiction that keep people stuck and sick.

In this module, you’ll learn what the best minds in the world have taught about addiction that creates the most effective environment for reccovery.

You’ll learn ecactly what recovery should look like (most get this totally wrong) and how to help hold your loved one accountable to change.


Module 3: Learn how to set and hold boundaries.

The truth is, addicts and alcoholics are always going to test limits, lie, and manipulate.

You need to learn the  most effective way to set and hold boundaries so that you can protect yourself and your family from future pain, disappointment and drama,

In this module, you’ll be given the exact boundary formula as well as the wording to help you effectively articulate your boundaries to others.

Most importantly, you’ll learn what your boundaries truly are.

Module 4: Learn how you and others have been impacted by addiction.

You can only solve a problem to your level of understanding. And this module will help you identify exactly how you have been impacted.

Many of us lose ourselves in the process of trying to fix and save others. This module will help you get your power back.

You’ll gain valuable insight into the specific behaviors you’ve been driven to and how they are hurting your ability to effect lasting change in your relationship.

Bonus hours of coaching content: Learn what to do to get your loved one help.

If you want to help your loved one, you’re going to need to know the exact steps to take. In these recordings of live coasching sessions, you’ll gain life saving onformation. 

You’ll learn what to do when your loved one shows signs of relapse. And what to do if relapse happens.

You’ll gain insider information about what works and what doesn’t.

This content alone changes lives. 

Bonus Hypnotherapy Recordings: Restore peace and sanity

So much damage has been done to your mind and emotions. You\ll have access to hrecorded hypnotherapy sessions to listen to nightly if needed.

Should you stay or should you go Heidi rain

End ALL Relationship Confusion with Heidi Rain’s Stay or Go Course in Mastering Decisions

Module 1: Define your True Desires and Non Negotiables.

In order to make a good decision regarding your Relationships, you’ll need to define exactly what it is you want and what you’re no longer willing to settle for. In this module, I will walk you through a procss to get absolute clarity.

Module 2: Assess your current relationship

In this module, I will help you get a clear picture of what’s actually happening in your realtionship so that you can make an infpormed desision. We will take a look at your resentments and expectations. 


Module 3: Participate in guided exercises to accurately predict the future

Learn to predict future outcomes in your relationship through Heidi Rain’s revolutionary Methods

Module 4: Decide the right course of action for you and your relationship

Use the information you’ve gathered through Heidi Rain’s Proces to come to the right decision for you and your relationship

Modules 5-7: Use Heidi Rain's Rapid Detachment Method to crystalize your decisions

By participating in the excercises, you will know what you need to do to move forward, cultivating healthy, happy relationships.

Bonus Live Recorded Demonstrations

Watch as Heidi Rain walks students through her Rapid Detachment Method to solidify your understanding.

Learn the step by step formula to setting and holding boundaries with a Narcissist, Addict, or Toxic Person in your life

How to set boundaries with an addict or alcoholic
Module 1: How to find your Boundaries

The number one reason boundaries fail is beacuse we don’t know where our bottom line lives. In this module, you’ll get crystal clear on what you’re no longer willing to settle for and define what you want instead.

Module 2: Learn the Secrets to Mastering Boundaries

There is a formula that works like a charm in setting boundaries. But you need to kow the correct language and structure of a boundary so you can be effective. Once you master this formula, you will be unfuc&withable. 


Module 3: Learn how to communicate your boundaries and deal with backlash

The truth is, operating from a new standard is going to make waves. and not everyone is going to be happy about it, especially the reciever. Learn how to stop being manipulated by guilt and gaslighting. 

Module 4: Live recorded demonstration with role play

Watch Heidi Rain as she implements everything she has taught by demsonstrating different scenarios.  This role paly is gold. 

Your step by step recovery system for healing Relatonship Trauma caused by toxic relationship patterns

learn how to heal from a toxic relationship and how to recover from codependency
Module 1: Understanding Codependency

Learn where your unique codependency patterning originated.
Revisit your most significant relationships to identify hidden toxic relationship patterns.
Discover the impact of past relationship drama on current relationship trauma.

Module 2: Heidi Rain’s Attachment Personality Patterns

Learn about Heidi Rain’s  8 different Attachment Personality Patterns.

Identify your primary and secondary patterns and learn the impact of that patterning on your relationships.

Uncover the patterns of those you love, empowering you to make educated decisions about your relationships.

Learn how to interrupt and eradicate unhealthy patterns, stopping dysfunction in it’s tracks

Module 3: Heidi Rain’s Insanacycle Model

Discover your core beliefs about yourself, life and others that drive your ever day behavior.

Learn about the unique way you behave as a direct result of those beliefs.

Identify your core trigger and how to avoid them in the future.

Identify your unique negative coping strategies and develop alternative behavior patterns.

Module 4: Learn to live in the now

Learn how  to effectively feel your feelings in the present moment without getting triggered by others.

Identify the reality of your current relationships 

Envision the relationship future you long to create and use it as your North Star GPS.

Module 5: Heid Rain’s Rapid Detachment Method

Participate in Heidi’s revolutionary 7 step process to free yourself from the pain of past wrong doings.

Let go from past narratives that continue to cause resentment.

Develop a crystal clear action plan for radical self-healing moving forward.

Module 6: Learn how to rebuild trust, open to others and receive

Cultivate trust in your own internal guidance system.

Learn the difference between divinely guided intuition and a fear response.

Understand and apply one of the most important lessons of the universe to use as a tool to live through change.

Create mutually beneficial, trust worthy relationships where you no longer feel fooled by others.

Module 7: Identify and honor your True Desires

Uncover your wants and needs and shift the focus from others to self.

Learn what your true desires are 

Understand exactly what it take to get those needs met consistently, without drama.

Learn how to stand firm and be unwavering in your new standards for self.

Module 8: Embody Your True Identity

Create a Self Identity consistent with your new understanding of Self.

Learn to behave in accordance with this new empowered identity.

Release old identities that no longer serve your newly empowered self concept.

Integrate and own aspects of Self that have been repressed out of fear.

Module 9: Speak Your Truth

Set new standards according to your North Star commitment to happiness and health.

Learn the exact boundary formula to use with others.

Get crucial feedback from Heidi regarding what to say and how to say it to eradicate drama and future problems.

Learn exactly what to do when your boundaries are crossed.

Module 10: Operate from ENOUGH

Uncover how and where a lack mentality shows up for you.

Know what to do so that you can cultivate an abundance mindset.

Eradicate scarcity based thinking

Know what it feels like to finally be enough.

Module 11: Incorporating the Self Love System into Every Day LYFE

Learn how to utilize the 7 Vows into daily living.

Live from an empowered place in all of your relationships.

Cultivate the ability to stand in your power in all aspects of your life.

Attract the loving, mutually beneficial relationships you deserve.

Module 12: Keys to Lasting Success

Learn about the 5 levels of success.

understand what it takes to assimilate your new understanding.

Know what it takes to continue on the Self Love Path.

Celebrate your success and acknowledgement  of life changing shifts as a result of living the  program.

The LYFE School Self Study Bundle is the most comprehensive system to deal with addiction in your family and heal from the trauma it creates. 

Use the code BUNDLE30 for a 30% savings on multiple courses. 


*Access to the course begins immediately upon payment. All digital products are nonrefundable. You may share access to this course with additional family members as needed.