Codependant attachment personality patterns by Heidi Rain

About My book on Codependent Attachement Personality Patterns

Hey there! Are you tired of feeling stuck in your intimate relationships? Do you find yourself attracting the same type of partner who doesn’t love you the way you love them? If so, I have some exciting news for you! I recently wrote a book called “Codependent Attachment Personality Patterns” that will help you understand the root of these issues and create meaningful change in your life.

Growing up in a dysfunctional or addicted environment can have a significant impact on your intimate relationships. In fact, it can create eight different codependency attachment patterns that you might not even realize you have. But don’t worry, I’m here to help you identify and understand these patterns, so you can break the cycle and create healthier relationships.

My book is written by someone who has been through it all – me! I spent my whole life trying to figure out why I was so successful in other areas, but when it came to love, I kept ending up with people who didn’t love me back in the same way. And that’s because I was stuck in codependent patterns that I didn’t even realize I had.

The thing is, most people don’t realize they’ve been impacted by childhood dysfunction or abuse. They think it wasn’t that bad, or that they’ve moved on from it. But the truth is, any addiction, abuse, absence, heavy criticism, or perfectionistic standards can create codependency patterns that impact your relationships.

If you’re in a relationship with a dysfunctional or addicted person, that relationship is codependent. But the good news is that gaining awareness into your codependent patterns can change your life. My book will help you understand these patterns and provide you with practical strategies to break free from them.

So, if you’re ready to create healthier relationships and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the difficult people in your life, “Codependent Attachment Personality Patterns” is the book for you!

What's wrong with me a story about the lasting impact of growing up in addiction, dysfunction, or abuse. By Heidi Rain

Heidi Rain’s book “What’s Wrong With Me: The Lasting Impact of Growing Up in Addiction, Dysfunction, or Abuse.” is a book written from the perspective of the Inner Child of an Adult Daughter of Addiction and Narcissism. It’s a tool to be used by clinicians, therapists, coaches, healers, mental health practioners, and those wishing to explore and gain perspective into the impact of their childhood experiences on relationship to how those experiences shape Codependency. Click to purchase on Amazon

Heidi Rain's book The Sober Girl's Guide to Finding True Love is fiulled with practical dating and relationship advice for those recovering from addiction or substance abuse.

Heidi Rain’s book The Sober Girl’s Guide to Finding True Love is filled with practical dating and relationship advice for those recovering from addiction or substance abuse. Click to purchase on Amazon