Codependency Coaching, Toxic Relationship Recovery, and Dealing with Addiction in Your Relationships

Our mission is to help you break free from codependency and heal from toxic relationships. 

If you are in a relationship of any kind that causes anxiety, confusion, fear, resentment or pain, you’re in the right place.

Our goal is to increase awareness through codependency education, foster personal responsibility through masterful coaching and affect lasting change by breaking toxic patterns, ending the cycles of dysfunction for good. 

If you want to begin your healing journey from a toxic or dysfunctional relationship, or if you are looking for tools to navigate addiction in your family, we can help.

We support you in all types of co-dependent dysfunctional relationships whether that be with a parent, partner, child, coworker or friend. When you do the work of codependency recovery, everything changes. You get your power back and become equipped and inspired to create the life you truly deserve. 


what is codependency

What is codependency? Awareness is the first step!

When we’re born into a family that’s addicted, narcissistic, abusive, smothering, sick, toxic or otherwise dysfunctional, we try and find a way to survive, thrive, connect or cope in that family.

Or, if you’re born into a healthy family and end up in a relationship with an addicted, alcoholic, narcissistic, dysfunctional or toxic person, the same thing happens.

Essentially, codependency is a way to function in dysfunction.

We figured out who we needed to to be to be okay and took on a personality to be loved (or at least not get hurt) because we got the message that being us wasn’t good enough. 

Who did you become? 

In my latest book, I’ve come up with 8 Attachment Personality Patterns along with the identifying criteria for each and it’s a total game changer! (especially if you’re sick of playing games!)

Awareness is the First Step. This will give you the awareness you need. 

how to set and hold a boundary with an addict narcissist

Why did the narcissist cross the road? Because he thought is was a boundary.

Addiction and narcissism look and act the same. And the name of the game to get your POWER back is BOUNDARIES!!!!

Inside my free masterclass…Learn the surprising reasons boundaries fail!

Get access to the NO FAIL 4 step boundary formula that works every time with anyone.
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Let me teach you the way of the boundary Masters!

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love coach heidi

Heidi Rain

Love Coach Heidi, Th.D, D. Div, MNLP, MCC,  is a Master Codependency Coach and creator of Attachment Personality Patterns and the Rapid Detachment Method. Her books, courses, and programs specialize in codependency, self-love, dysfunctional/unhealthy relationships, and dealing with addiction in the family.  Her goal is to increase awareness of generational dysfunction through codependency education, fostering personal responsibility through masterful coaching, and affecting lasting change by breaking toxic patterns, ending the cycles of dysfunction for good. To further the message, Heidi certifies coaches, therapists, and healers through her training and development company, Empowerment Coach University.