5 Surefire Signs You Should End Your Relationship

Are you on the fence about your relationship? 
Being confused about your relationship and going back and forth is the worst position to be in. It can leave you feeling lonely, anxious, and depressed. In this free video, Heidi Rain will walk you through 5 Sure Fire Signs you are in the wrong relationship for you.

How Do You stop self-destructing, settling, struggling, or sucking it up and have the authentic happiness you truly deserve

“You’ll figure out who you really are when you stop being who you’ve needed to be.”

If you’re like me, you’ve suffered from being PC (Perpetually Codependent).

Performing~ People Pleasing~ Pretending~ Perfecting

Controlling~ Constricting~ Care-taking~Competing

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What would it be like to be Free? Loved? Open? And Whole?

You can be a slave to many things.  Other’s opinions of you, your limiting opinions of yourself, your past that still haunts you, or you can be a prisoner of your loyalty to people, paces or things that are bad for you. But this is the community that will give you the tools you need to finally be set free.

You can have everything else in the world, but if you don’t have what matters most to you, none of it will matter. No amount of success will fulfill our deepest need to belong, to connect, and to have true and lasting connections. This is the place you come to learn to love and be loved.

You can know how to give and give and give, but it’s an art to learn to receive. Many of us have been hurt and so we built up walls to protect ourselves. But the very walls we have built to keep out the pain, now push out the love. This is the place we come learn to open, receive and allow. We learn to trust.

If you’ve ever asked yourself “what’s wrong with me, felt broken, less than or not enough, or stopped yourself from living your best life, then this is the place you come to learn your true value. Come claim your worth!

If you struggle with unhealthy relationships with a person, place, or a thing, want to stop self-destructive behavior, or are stuck….

It’s time to crack the code to your breakthrough.  I have  a gift. It’s called the gift of discernment. I’m also intuitive. What that means is that I see things most people never will.  I also see things more clearly than most. It’s actually like a super power. And the clients I work with tell me that the things I am able to help them accomplish in coaching, have evaded them in therapy for years. In fact, one lawyer said  “I accomplished more in one session with Heidi than in 10 years of  every other theraputic intervention I can think of.” Another client said, “I got more from the first 20 minutes of my session with you than in 6 months of couples counseling.”

I can get to the root of things where others stay on the surface.  I’m also an INTP for those of you who know about those sort of things. I really dig a good personality test! Basically, my personality type is that of the character in a beautiful mind. I’m a little crazy, a lot weird, and certainly not good at a lot of things, but connecting dots, putting things into a precise framework and cracking codes are my zones of genius.

I have a unique way of looking at the world, your problems, and can think of solutions you never imagined. And that means, I can help you put things into perspectivce that have haunted you for decades. We will finally find the combination lock to set you free for good. I specialize in issues of addiction in the family, recovery, self esteem, codependence, and self love.  I have 20 years of experience and produce massive results with my clients.  In addition to working with private clients, I train therapists and certify life coaches in my methods. I don’t believe in fluff. I do believe in short cuts (let’s get there as fast as possible.) I do believe in the real deal and I am the real deal.