Hi, I’m Heidi.

I help people in  difficult relationships find their happily even after.

Confidential and Expert Family, Singles, and Couples Coaching for Those Impacted by Addiction, Dysfunction or Codependency. 



5 Surefire Signs You Should End Your Relationship

Are you on the fence about your relationship? 
Being confused about your relationship and going back and forth is the worst position to be in. It can leave you feeling lonely, anxious, and depressed. In this free video, Heidi Rain will walk you through 5 Sure Fire Signs you are in the wrong relationship for you.

our signature program to overcome self destructive behavior such as binge drinking/eating and codependency to have the authentic happiness you deserve!

“You’ll figure out who you really are when you stop being who you’ve needed to be.” Heidi Rain McGuirk

If you find you get into one sided, hurtful, or troubled relationships, where you stay too long, sacrifice, and settle, trying to prove your value, and end up pushing your  self-destruct button, we need to talk. 

The truth is, you don’t need one more strategy to learn how to get the people in your life to change. You need to learn how to put yourself first (for once).

I know that’s hard for you. You’re used to being last on the list. But all of that sucking it up and putting your needs to the wayside has left you a ticking time-bomb.


You deserve so much more than what you’ve been settling for!

Learn more about how to break free for good with our signature program called  Love Yourself First.

World Class support in our members only online support group.

FLOW is our Exclusive Online Coaching Circle for people who are ready to awaken  their power, uncover their true self and live their best life. 

Inside the circle, you will have access to weekly online, private gatherings where I will provide you with insight, support and tools to  overcome any obstacles so you can live your best life!


What would it be like to be Free? Loved? Open? And Whole?

You can be a slave to many things.  Other’s opinions of you, your limiting opinions of yourself, your past that still haunts you, or you can be a prisoner of your loyalty to people, paces or things that are bad for you. But this is the community that will give you the tools you need to finally be set free.

You can be loved by many people, but when you’re not loved by the one who matters most to you, it can send you into a tail spin of self doubt and misery. You can have everything else in the world, but if you don’t have what matters most to you, none of it will matter. No amount of success will fulfill our deepest need to belong, to connect, and to have true and lasting connections. This is the place you come to learn to love and be loved.

You can know how to give and give and give, but it’s an art to learn to receive. Many of us have been hurt and so we built up walls to protect ourselves. But the very walls we have built to keep out the pain, now push out the love. This is the place we come learn to open, receive and allow. We learn to trust.

If you’ve ever asked yourself “what’s wrong with me, felt broken, less than or not enough, or stopped yourself from living your best life, then this is the place you come to learn your true value. Come claim your worth!

Private one on one coaching, mentoring and healing

Let me help you awaken your true power and uncover the real you so you can live your ultimate life.

It’s time to crack the code to your breakthrough and unlock the combination to set you free from you problems for good. The clients I work with tell me that the things I am able to help them accomplish in coaching, have evaded them in therapy for years. In fact, one lawyer said  “I accomplished more in one session with Heidi than in 10 years of  every other therapeutic intervention I can think of.” Another client said, “I got more from the first 20 minutes of my session with you than in 6 months of couples counseling.”

I specialize in issues of addiction in the family, recovery, self esteem, codependency, and self love.  I have 20 years of experience and produce massive results with my clients.