What’s normal and healthy when it comes to relationships?

Do you wonder if you should stay or go?

Are you attracting the wrong people?

Do you deserve what you’re asking for from others or are your expectations too high?

Are your feelings justified? Do you know how you feel?

Are you capable of being authentically happy?

What’s normal?

If  your  relationships cause you anxiety, resentment, confusion or pain, then you’re in the right place.

Most people don’t know their relationships are unhealthy, toxic or dysfunctional.

If you grew up in an environment with an alcoholic, abusive, or dysfunctional parent, then you never had a good example of what healthy relationships are supposed to look like. 

So likely, you’re tolerating and settling for relationships that are less than you deserve.

I’ve come up with 8 different Attachment Personality Patterns we developed as a way to survive, thrive, connect or cope in that dysfunction. The problem is what worked once upon a time stopped working a long time ago.

Love Coach Heidi’s 8 Types of unhealthy attachment behavior patterns


You dedicate yourself to saving, rescuing others. You aim to help others reach their full potential, though they never get there.  You end up with emotionally, financially, physically or psychologically unavailable people.  Now is the time to have PARTNERSHIPS and  mutually beneficial relationships.


You don’t always speak your truth or let others see what’s really going on in your relationships. Sometimes being vulnerable makes you feel weak. And even though you’re STRONG, you’re totally NOT FINE. Your relationships are in trouble. It could be a relationship with an addict or alcoholic that you keep secret for fear of being judged.   Now is the time to have a safe space to tell the truth. 


It looks good from the outside. But that’s not the whole story. You never feel like you’re measuring up. You try to say and do the perfect thing all the time and when you fail, you judge yourself without mercy.  You also have high expectations of others and they never live up to them leaving you feeling hurt and resentful. You have a fear of being found out or feel like a fraud, even though you’re not. You compare yourself to others. Now is the time to be your TRUE self in you relationships.


You want to be able to trust people, but the truth is, you believe the only person you can count on is yourself. You’re overwhelmed and anxious.  You believe that if you don’t try and control everything, it will all fall apart.  Now is the time to learn how to let go, release, and receive.


You’re controlled by others opinions of you and by their behavior towards you. Other’s actions paralyze you. You stay in relationships too long because you keep getting sucked back in.  You feel powerless. You keep getting hurt, betrayed, blindsided, or backstabbed. Now is the time to take back control


You restrict yourself. You don’t share your feelings, thoughts or yourself (fully). You shrink who you are to make others feel more comfortable. You’re afraid to fully share all of you for fear you will be rejected or abandoned. You isolate and no one really knows you. Now is the time to be your true self.


You want to say “no” but you don’t. You over commit because you want to make everyone else happy. You self-sacrifice to the point of complete burnout and then when you need someone, no one’s there for you. You just wish others would treat you the way you treat them.  Now is the time to find your power and set and hold boundaries.


You go ALL IN and you trust the wrong people. You stay loyal too long to people who don’t deserve you. You seek approval and affirmation and feel you can’t trust your own judgement or intuition. You need others to validate you. Now is the time to claim your independence.

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Heidi Rain McGuirk

Heidi McGuirk is a Master Practitioner of NLP, Addiction Professional and Master Certified Empowerment and Relationship Coach. She specializes in codependency, self-love, dysfunctional/unhealthy relationships, and dealing with addiction in the family.  She is co-creator of the Revolutionary Family Program and Love Yourself First Empowerment School.
It’s her passion to equip and certify  those who want to help others through her Empowerment Coach University.
Heidi held an esteemed faculty position at one of the world’s leading drug and alcohol treatment centers where she created empowerment programming and facilitated psychoeducational lectures,  seminars and group therapy. This experience with thousands of clients over many years, led to the creation of much of her life changing curriculum and proprietary methods.
Heidi blends her vast professional experience, world class education and personal experience to create exceptional results with her students and clients..
She has a unique understanding and fresh perspective which helps her to truly get results with those she helps.
Her riveting style of using humor and candor encourages and inspires people to heal.