What’s normal and healthy when it comes to relationships?

What is a dysfunctional Person?

If you have a relationship that causes you anxiety, confusion, resentment, or pain, likely it’s with a dysfunctional or toxic person.

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Are you codependent?

Codependency prevents you from having the relationships and life you truly deserve. 

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Are you dealing with addiction in your family?

You just want to learn how to help your loved one and get them back to normal.

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Dealing with insecurity in you relationship

You like him or her, a lot.  You didn’t think you’d feel this way so soon! S/he’s become all you can think about lately, wondering if they love you the way you love them. You’re sure s/he doesn’t. You search through their social medial, looking for the tell tale...

why we Self-Sabotage and how to stop

Hey! Heidi here! Thanks for coming back for another video. I appreciate your messages and comments and I love hearing about how these videos are helping you. I have a special video for you today. Do you have a habit of getting started on something only to...

How to TRUST your intuition in RELATIONSHIPS

When you have trust issues in your relationship, it effects everything. Trust is the foundation of all things. But what happens if you're not sure IF you can trust someone? And what if that someone is YOU? Are you being lied to? Is he/she cheating? Should you break...

Can a relationship with an addict ever work?

If you’ve ever asked your friends or family, I’m sure they’ve told you to forget it. They probably said it was a lost cause, told you to give up, cut your losses and walk away. But, that’s hard for you. You love this person. You’ve invested time and energy and you...

What’s a Healthy Boundary?

Being in a relationship that causes you anxiety, resentment, confusion, or pain is maddening. You just want to know how to fix things or get someone to change. One of the master keys to changing your relationships is learning to teach people how to treat you. Said...

Heidi Rain McGuirk

Heidi McGuirk is a Master Practitioner of NLP, Addiction Professional and Master Certified Empowerment and Relationship Coach. She specializes in codependency, self-love, dysfunctional/unhealthy relationships, and dealing with addiction in the family.  She is co-creator of the Revolutionary Family Program and Love Yourself First Empowerment School.
It’s her passion to equip and certify  those who want to help others through her Empowerment Coach University.
Heidi held an esteemed faculty position at one of the world’s leading drug and alcohol treatment centers where she created empowerment programming and facilitated psychoeducational lectures,  seminars and group therapy. This experience with thousands of clients over many years, led to the creation of much of her life changing curriculum and proprietary methods.
Heidi blends her vast professional experience, world class education and personal experience to create exceptional results with her students and clients..
She has a unique understanding and fresh perspective which helps her to truly get results with those she helps.
Her riveting style of using humor and candor encourages and inspires people to heal.