There’s nothing worse than giving your whole heart, soul, and sex to someone you love, only to be left wondering, “Is he/she cheating on me?”

That question can drive you to do some pretty crazy things.

I know for me, I used to wait until my then boyfriend would leave the house, then I’d start going through his stuff. I wouldn’t just look in pant pockets, I’d go through everything. And then, I’d try and put everything back totally undisturbed (as if he actually knew how he left it).

I was that paranoid that he’d find out I was looking.

Back in those days, I’d go though phone bills and I’d check his computer history.

I actually prided myself on my detective skills.

The crazy thing was, many times, I actually caught him- kind of.

I’d find “something” and confront him and he’d tell me how that was his friend from high school who was having marital problems. He liked her like a cousin.

And because I never caught him “in bed”, I always had reasonable enough doubt that would keep me hooked in my obsession to find proof.

Alright, couple of things here before we get into the meat of today’s Teaching Tuesday.

I’m Heidi, Master Life and Relationship Coach by the way. And I help people who are in difficult, unhealthy or dysfunctional relationships, get the clarity and courage they need to make the right decisions for themselves so they can have the relationships they desire and deserve.

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Now back to it.

Here’ the truth.

If you feel like you’re being cheated on one of two things is happening.

  1. You are being cheated on
  2. You aren’t but you’re paranoid.

And both of these situations mean you have significant trust issues.

It’s likely not your fault. If you’re like many of the people I help in my programs, retreats and coaching, you came from a difficult background that didn’t lend itself to creating trust within you. Especially if you’re needs weren’t met emotionally, mentally or physically.

So, here you are now, in kind of a flight or fight situation and it’s causing you a lot of anxiety, depression and confusion.

Let’s look at how this happens and get you some clarity today.

Watch the video now.


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