You know that feeling you get on your way to work some days? The one that lives in the pit of your stomach right underneath the dream you buried?

You know that friend that texts you and you don’t want to actually read the message for fear a read receipt will go through and you have zero intention on actually responding?

You know that sex you’ve been meaning to have with your husband for the last month except you keep pretending you’re asleep?

Yes. I’m talking about dread. And if you’re going to have a kick ass year, you cannot afford to continue to kill your spirit slowly with this dull knife of dread anymore!


Winner, loser, over-comer, shy, lazy, stupid, fat, too old, too smart, poor, unlucky in love, alcoholic, over-achiever, depressed, anxious, loner…

These are a few of the things I’ve called myself over the years that continued to keep me stuck. Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Bullshit.

Words HURT.

And we always think that it’s somewhere out there…

There’s someone else who’s keeping me down or who won’t let me be who I know I really am.

But, the only voice we hear is our own.

Toxic People, places, or things.

Sometimes, you must walk away from people you think you love, or that you should love.

But loyalty keeps people stuck.

I know. I used to be a ride or die too. But your loyalty is undeserved in most cases.


What are you pretending not to know?

Confusion sucks. It’s purgatory. And often, we mentally masturbate over the same issues repeatedly to no avail.

The Hard Way.

Likely you’ve earned things the hard way at the school of hard knocks.

But do you know that struggle is optional? It truly is. And I can tell you that after decades of swimming upstream, overcoming, and punching my way through life that there is a better way!

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