How to Deal with rejection

You’re talented! You’ve got gifts you want to bring to the world! If you could just get your message out, lives would change!


You know you’re a catch! And f the right person met you; it would be Happily Ever After!


You’re lonely and you feel isolated. You want to get out there and make new friends because you know once you get rolling, you’ll be BFFs.

Three different scenarios with one common problem: You fear REJECTION.

I get it. Rejection can be crippling.  I feared it so bad that I wouldn’t even raise my hand to ask a question in the 3rd grade unless I already could prove I knew the answer.

It’s taken me a long time to get over this fear.

I used to like to say I didn’t care what people thought. But that was a lie. I didn’t care what some people thought.

In Teaching Tuesdays Video, I am breaking down my 3 best strategies for dealing with your fear of rejection.

Check it out and as always, make sure you are subscribed so you never miss an opportunity to be a lot more YOU and a little less them.


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