Relationship Advice During Hard and Stressful Times

Written by Heidi Rain

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March 25, 2020

Being in a relationship of any kind with an addict or alcoholic causes an emotional, physical, and psychological rollercoaster. It’s crucial that you have BOUNDARIES! My latest on demand master mini course lays the foundation of how to set and hold a boundary with an addict. You will get the exact step by step formula and the insight, wisdom, and guidance you need to set a boundary and FOLLOW THROUGH.


  • Why boundaries fail
  • Common boundary mistakes with an addict or alcoholic
  • How to get massive clarity around what you want, deserve, and are no longer    willing to tolerate.
  • How to communicate with clarity, empathy, and strength.
  • How to follow through
  • The exact language to use with an addict or alcoholic
  • How to stop being manipulated, gaslit, and guilted out of your boundaries
  • How to create a healthy, peaceful environment for you and your family.

During hard or stressful times, our relationship issues intensify.

Join me and my husband as we share our 3 Master Keys to healthy relationships.

We discuss communication, sex, and much more.

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Love Your Self so You can Love Each Other,


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