I’ve been known to be a bit of a control freak. And it usually kicks into high gear when I feel especially powerless.

If I’m not careful, I’ll try and control everything and everyone around me and end up feeling anxious, overwhelmed and angry.

Our ability to weather storms over which we have no control lies in learning the balance between action and acceptance.

We have to know what we have power over and how to let go of the rest.

I know! Easier said than done, right?

You know what the biggest issue is for people like us?


We don’t always trust that others know what they’re doing.

We don’t always trust the process and we want to FIX it and FIX IT NOW!

So, this week, I teach about the art of cultivating trust and I share one of the most powerful lessons I’ve ever learned.

Seriously, it’s changed my life and the way I “go through” anything hard.

I know it’s going to help you too.

So, watch the video and leave me a comment.

I’d love to hear from you. 

If you want help, as always, you can book a complimentary consultation right on this site!

I’d love to help support you as you navigate these difficult times.

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