1. Be in the present moment.

Most people don’t live in the here and now. They dance in and out of reality.

They boogie back into the past, recalling a time when it wasn’t that bad, giving them the illusion that things are better than they seem. Or the waltz into the future, daydreaming about how their relationship magically transform into the love they know it can be.

And what’s the result of all that side stepping? No leverage. Leverage is what helps you do things.

And leverage in this case, is the willingness to feel the pain of the current situation you’re in.

When you’re willing to (as Dr. Phil says) be a “steely eyed realist”, and see things for how they truly are, you don’t live in a fantasy land based on someone else’s potential.

In other words, don’t marry potential, marry a person.

Try not to medicate your pain by being set adrift on memory bliss (thank you PM Dawn).

When you’re willing to be here now, you can clearly assess the situation and make an empowered decision.

Let’s get empowered now with this first clip….


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