Three types of control freaks. I was number 3.

Written by heidimcguirk

June 28, 2017

After I was asked to do a video on power struggles, I realized the video should really be about control. Because in my mind, all a power struggle is, is a delusion that you actually have any control.

Then, as I thought about it, I realized there are really three types of controllers.

  1. The Charming Controller
  2. The Complaining Controller
  3. The Compulsive Controller

I’m in recovery for the third.

In my mind, a compulsive controller had the best interest of others at heart. And it’s not intentionally trying to control. It’s instinctual.

I hope you find great value in today’s video explaining all there.

At the end, I give some tips on how to overcome the urge.

Watch the video now… RIGHT NOW (said in controlling voice.)

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