Having a hard time letting things go? be like the apple tree.

Why do you think people have such a hard time letting things go? There are books written about how to let go and sayings like, “Let got and let God.” It sounds so romantic! But still, we struggle. Let’s take a minute and look at the apple tree because it’s the perfect example of how to let something go.
An apple tree is standing tall, admiring it’s fruit and it comes across a rotten apple. What does it do? It simply drops it. It lets it go.
But what if the apple were like us? It would probably stand there and make up a million stories about what may happen if it let’s it go!
“Oh, what if I let it go and it hits a stranger or a small child?”
“What if I let it go and no more fruit comes in its place? I’ll have an empty hole!”
“What if only part of it goes?” If the apple tree were like us, it would never let anything go. It would never bear new fruit.
When I was in my early twenties, I was dating a man who was very bad for me. He was abusive and it was a terribly unhealthy relationship. But I stayed because I told myself a story about what would happen if I left.
“He won’t be able to move on!”
“He will hurt himself!”
“He will follow me and never leave me alone!”
Well, I ignored tat story and I ended the relationship.
Do you know that he didn’t even have the nerve to stalk me? NO! Didn’t even call once. Probably didn’t even know I left!
The stories we tell ourselves about why we can’t let go are the only reason letting go is hard. Stop telling the story and be like the apple tree. Drop the rotten and make room for the new!

Handling rejection, people who play games and self esteem. 

Recently, I sat down with Hillary Raimo and YIN Radio to discuss everything relationships! It’s funny what comes up when you have two hours to lay it all out! The hot topic was our real value.
I had a great time answering some tough questions and I believe there are some nuggets of wisdom for you to take away. And of course, if nothing else, you can see my cute little dogs having a blast in the background! lol
I hope you enjoy!
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