Nothing Makes You Want to Drink Quite Like Christmas

Nothing makes you want to drink quite like Christmas. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not actually Christmas. The tree, the lights, and Jesus, that’s all well and good.

It’s the other holy trinity of dysfunction: A crazy family, the endless pressure to appear to have your shit together, and the desire to “celebrate’ with the rest of the free world.

On Christmas, we long to be a “normie”.

But remember, you don’t drink like a normal person and neither did I and that’s why we quit.

We decided we want to remember the Holidays and not fervently have to check our text messages to try and piece the night back together.

So, here we are. Wanting to stay sober, sane, and if we can have it all: HAPPY.

Good news! We can.

And of course, I have a step by step method.

It’s our time to finally have a LEGIT MERRY CHRISTMAS.
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How to Make Friends

How do you make new friends?
Especially if you’re over 30, quit drinking and don’t do small talk?

It’s impossible. And if you throw anxiety issues into the mix, making friends is like playing darts in the dark with spaghetti.
Non Bene.

But why is this so important?

Because, let’s be real. it’s friggin’ lonely. And when we feel lonely, we get more anxious and more depressed.

Here’s the deal, I’m your facebook friend. And I want to help you make more friends. And not just any friends…. The ones you can actually hug when you want to.

Here are my top tips!
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A candid and revealing talk about the dangers of “labels” including the label “alcoholic”. Learn how to break free from labels and be who you were born to be inside the FLOW TRIBE.

Imposter Syndrome

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